Intensely hydrating night mask from Clinique
 The skin loses moisture is particularly active at night, when its barrier function does not receive support. To ensure that the skin more moisture, which will continue throughout the night, Clinique offers a new mask Moisture Surge Overnight Mask.

The mask penetrates the skin and fills its moisture, which has a soothing and nourishing effect, while also strengthening the skin to better retain moisture in the inner layers. This formula, which does not need to wash, make your sleep even more useful: while you relax and gain strength, it protects the skin from irritation by suppressing oxidative stress caused by aggressive environmental influences during the day, and provides intensive moisturizing the skin throughout the night . You wake up with an incredibly soft, smooth and supple skin.

Moisture Surge Overnight Mask   It provides intense hydration to help retain moisture hyaluronic acid   moisturizing and creates an invisible network that supports optimal level of hydration.

1. Intensive moisturizing   is provided by means of a highly complex with ingredients that help the skin to maintain optimum moisture balance: Activated (- / +) water, aloe leaf juice, trehalose, sorbitol, sodium hyaluronate .

2. Restoring and strengthening the barrier   provides a combination of ingredients that restore skin lipids and maintain long-term hydration: murumuru seed oil, wheat bran extract, olive extract, shea butter, mango, pomegranate sterols .

3. The soothing and relieves irritation   ingredients help eliminate the irritation caused by external aggressors: a combination of algae extracts, caffeine, sucrose, algae extract Cladosiphon Okamuranus, bisabolol and a complex of antioxidants .

Thick, velvety cream mask nourishes the skin and in the morning she returns softness, smoothness and elasticity. Moisture Intense Overnight Mask   should be applied in the evening after all the care products. Mask works throughout the night, so it is not necessary to wash off until morning.

 Intensely hydrating night mask from Clinique

New on sale in March 2013

Estimated price: 1950 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova