Men product line Timotei
 Line Timotei Men - is a set of tools designed specifically for men. All shampoos, shower gels and hair styling products contain 100% natural plant extracts and oils. A nice fresh fragrance gives a feeling of vitality and coolness.

The men's line of shower gels Timotei

Shower Gel Timotei «Cool»

Pawn a good day - morning douche. Gel Timotei «Cool" combines soft cleansing ingredients and bold refreshing scent. Due to the composition containing tea tree oil and peppermint extract, it has a tonic effect and leads to the morning awakening as comfortable as possible.
 Men product line Timotei

Shower Gel Timotei «Freshness»

Men Shower Gel Timotei «Freshness" provides effective cleaning, filling for the day. It contains sea minerals and salt, is widely known for its regenerative properties. Timotei «Freshness" - a bright start to the day and excellent skin care!
 Men product line Timotei

Men's Line shampoo Timotei

Shampoo Timotei «Against dandruff"

Shampoo helps to quickly get rid of dandruff hair, and with regular use prevents its recurrence. Due to the composition of its member mint extract and Australian tea tree oil shampoo calms the scalp and provide a feeling of freshness for a long time.
 Men product line Timotei

Shampoo Timotei «coolness and freshness"

Shampoo Timotei «coolness and freshness" is great for normal to oily hair at the roots. The formula with extracts of ginseng from China and sea salt from the island of Bali, restores and strengthens the hair structure, giving them strength and a healthy appearance.
 Men product line Timotei

Shampoo Timotei «Control of hair loss"

It is no secret that the problem of hair loss worries many men. Shampoo Timotei «Control of hair loss" with nettle extract and guarana, its member, struggling with brittle hair and reduces hair loss with regular use. It gently cleanses and strengthens your hair, providing a significant reduction in hair loss due to breakage.
 Men product line Timotei

Shampoo and Gel Timotei «Two in One"

Timotei «Two in One" combines the functions of male shampoo and shower gel. It was created specifically for those who appreciate the versatility and efficiency. Shampoo Gel effectively cleanses the hair and nourishes the skin through moisturizing components within its structure. A fresh scent of eucalyptus give a sense of vivacity for the whole day. Timotei «Two in One" - an excellent care for hair and body in one bottle!
 Men product line Timotei

Gel for hair styling

Styling gel with the effect of "wet hair" for men

This gel is perfect for placing short and unruly hair. It strengthens their structure and increases the elasticity due to the composition containing extracts of myrrh and bamboo. But most importantly, the gel provides the effect of wet hair and gives a secure hold for 24 hours. With it, you can be sure that the hair does not lose its shape throughout the day.
 Men product line Timotei

Author: Anna Shustrova