Egor is Beroev Espionage by Oriflame
 Famous Russian film and theater actor Yegor Beroev, who played the most courageous character, is a new fragrance for superheroes of our time - the male toilet water Espionage.

Every woman wants to give your heart a real hero. Time knights in shining armor has passed, and now the ruler of women's dreams become a superspy - stylish, confident and successful. Insight mind allows it easy to keep everything under control and always be one step ahead. He - the embodiment of strength, courage and strength of character. It is for this man is a new men's eau de toilette Espionage   from Oriflame .

Yegor Beroev : "Every man wants to feel like a secret agent. Elegant and expressive Espionage   for this hero, attractive, fearless and uncompromising. "

 Egor is Beroev Espionage by Oriflame

Men's eau de toilette Espionage   - A true reflection of the contradictory nature of the secret agent. Prisoner at the beginning of the tart, fluttering sound of bergamot and cherry, he suddenly staggering noble notes of clary sage and refreshing sea spray. Amber trail gives this contemporary urban flavor sensual finale.

 Egor is Beroev Espionage by Oriflame
   Author Espionage   He became famous perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin . The fragrance is inspired by the astringent notes of aged whiskey. Perfume combined fruit, sea and amber notes, creating a fragrance that can express the strength of character, elegance and charm of modern man. Bottle Espionage   It made of hard glass with a smooth metal lid. Similar to the broad shoulders of men, the sleek bottle with a massive base represents masculinity, at the same time emphasizing the elegance of its owner.

Aroma type:   wood, water
Top notes:   bergamot, cherry, red wine
Notes of the "heart":   clary sage, sea breeze
Plume:   cedar, vetiver, amber

 Egor is Beroev Espionage by Oriflame

Men's eau de toilette Espionage

Check that hides a secret agent in the deep, mysterious notes of noble aroma Espionage. Expressive shades of sage and fresh notes of sea breeze in the heart give you a distinct advantage when performing a secret mission. The triumph of modern ambergris sound in the loop - the finishing touch to the perfect performance of tasks. 75 ml.

Price: 1000 Py.

Men's eau de toilette Espionage   on sale from 19 November 2012.

Author: Anna Shustrova