L'Etoile raise the professional level of consultants
 L'Etoile - the largest network of perfumes and cosmetics in Russia, one of the three world leaders in the beauty industry, is launching an unprecedented project for the first time - in Paris training for each sales employee network by the Company every year!

The project is primarily aimed at increasing the professional level of employees of stores. FROM L'Etoile   one can not only make a career in the Company, but also to become an expert in the field of beauty. The unique training in Paris makes these dreams a reality! Within 1 year of the Company's employee will be able to visit Paris and get knowledge, so necessary in the work.

Employees L'Etoile   not only spend unforgettable days in the city of dreams - Paris, but also to learn all the secrets of perfumes, cosmetics, skin care person meet a real guru of the beauty industry. Training will be conducted by international trainers of the world's leading perfumery - cosmetic companies, of course, with simultaneous translation.

The company promises that soon the level of competence and advise customers in shops L'Etoile   It will not be equal!

Every year in Paris will be prepared completely new, as a teaching and entertainment.

L'Etoile   offers all   their employees to become true professionals!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova