Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series
 The company Weleda, a leading global producer of natural and organic cosmetics with 90 years of history, offers a new luxurious way daily care for mature skin - 100% natural pomegranate series of products for face and body.

Weleda Pomegranate series   - Is restoring the line of care products for face and body, designed specifically for mature skin. Organic pomegranate seed oil cold pressed Argan oil and borage are rich in antioxidants and stimulates skin regeneration. Essential oil produced by connecting with juicy notes of neroli and sandalwood, gives a series of exotic oriental fragrance.

Juicy pomegranates for products Weleda   It is grown in the south-east of Turkey, in the province Cappadocia . For the local population the cultivation of this fruit is a traditional activity: every year about 100 small farms, located on the territory of 1,000 hectares, produce for the company Weleda pomegranate tons of valuable oil from the hand-picked fruit.

Facials by Weleda:

Lifting Day Cream with Pomegranate

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Natural antioxidants - an advantage Pomegranate seed oil   - Slow down aging and stimulate regeneration of every cell in mature skin, and sesame seed oil   saturates it with adequate nutrition. Pomegranate Day Cream visibly reduces wrinkles and effectively improves skin elasticity and firmness. Jojoba oil , Part of the funds quickly calms and soothes even the most sensitive skin.

Lifting Night Cream with Pomegranate

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Bedtime is perfect for relaxing and restoring skin. Night Cream Weleda with Pomegranate seed oil   - The irreplaceable assistant regenerating forces of the body. The most valuable component of garnet are struggling with the ravages of free radicals and activates the process of rejuvenation. Significantly reduced the number of wrinkles, the skin will enjoy the natural beauty and radiance. Careful and delicate cream does not disturb the respiratory function of the skin and instantly absorbed.

Intensive firming serum for the face

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Serum Weleda - is a high-intensity facial with natural pomegranate juice, which provides immediate effect. With a light non-greasy texture, the serum strengthens skin structure, supports the natural level of elastin and activates regeneration processes of cellular structures and collagen. Means gently cares for the skin, providing deep hydration and it is not violating the respiratory function.

Lifting Firming Cream for eye area

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Delicate and light cream renew and protect the most vulnerable and delicate skin around the eyes. It is rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, are actively fighting the signs of aging skin and reduce dark circles under the eyes. The unique composition of funds not only helps cell regeneration, but also helps to slow down age-related physiological changes in the skin.

Body Care from Weleda:

Pomegranate Shower Gel

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

A unique cocktail of delicate Pomegranate seed oil   and Macadamia   gently nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Sunflower seed oil   and sesame   allow to forget about dryness and flaking, and the care of the cleansing take on sugar tensides. Magic flavors red orange   and Sandalwood   awaken the senses and give a sense of lightness and serenity.

Pomegranate regenerating hand cream

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Pomegranate seed oil   It stimulates cell renewal and contains a large number of active substances - antioxidants Struggling with the action of free radicals and prevents premature aging of the skin. Easy sesame oil , Part of the cream immediately moisturizes and makes the skin incredibly soft hands. Lost softness and elasticity of the skin to return Shea   and shea butter , a an extract from the seeds of millet, root butcher   and sunflower petals   used for the prevention of premature formation of age spots. Thanks a mixture of natural essential oils Restoring hand cream has an extremely delicate flavor.

Pomegranate regenerating body lotion

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Valuable Pomegranate seed oil , Part of the 100% natural pomegranate regenerating body milk Weleda, rich in natural antioxidants Which slow down the aging process and stimulate the regeneration of every cell in mature skin. Shea   and Apricot   nourishes the skin with essential nutrition and activate its metabolism. Pomegranate Body Lotion Weleda effectively increases skin elasticity, providing it with protection from the negative effects of the environment, stimulates regeneration of skin cells, increasing it after a month of use by 39%. A polyunsaturated fatty acids such as rare punitsinovaya acid, maintain skin's moisture balance.

Pomegranate regenerating body oil

 Regenerating care Weleda pomegranate series

Pomegranate regenerating body oil has been specially designed for women over 40 years. It nourishes the skin and enhances cell regeneration and restores their natural vitality. These properties it imparts an organic Oil from the seeds of the pomegranate Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help prevent premature aging. Jojoba oil Which is also a part of the funds, it maintains the natural moisture of the skin and acts as an emollient to increase its elasticity.

Author: Anna Shustrova