The contest "personal experience"
 Sometimes you want to find Aladdin's lamp, carry a magic wand to catch a goldfish or a star from the sky to realize our plans. But most of all, to achieve its objective and, therefore, fulfill a dream, we have to own, and an important tool in this case may be a personal experience.

Share your experience in any field, in the competitive group of "personal experience" and get a chance to win great prizes from Philips. Dates of competition: 05.12.2012 - 30.12.2012 inclusive.

The winner, who took the first place by user voting results, will receive a gift Blender HR1655 The Philips Avance Collection With a controlled and reliable engine that is combined with 20 speeds and Turbo Mode to cope with the preparation of even the most intricate and time-consuming meals in seconds!

 The contest "personal experience"

* This reliable and versatile kitchen helper has it all: 20 speeds and a special nozzle for sauce with which to cook a favorite dish even consistency - not a problem, surround the glass protective cover for storage of sharp knives, whisk for whipping and additional attachments (eg, XL-shredder, which will be indispensable if you are cooking a large family dinner or waiting for guests), which are replaced with one easy click of a button and, of course, attention to detail and an attractive ergonomic design.

The winner, who took the decision of the administration site second place will receive a gift Epilator SatinPerfect HP6581 from Philips , With the function Wet & Dry For taking epilation both on dry and on wet skin.

 The contest "personal experience"

* SatinPerfect HP6581 epilator equipped with hypoallergenic ceramic discs textured, wide epilation head, original and stylish design. The kit includes an improved model NR6581 Tweezers in an elegant cover with built-in lighting and a mirror that is perfect for creating contour eyebrows.

The winner, who will determine the contest sponsor brand Philips It will be awarded Philips SatinSoft HP6522 epilators   - Original stylish design, with the function of Wet & Dry, allowing do hair removal on dry or wet skin.

 The contest "personal experience"

* Hypoallergenic textured ceramic discs epilator with silver ions gently and painlessly remove even the finest hairs and provide the highest level of hygiene. Due to the wide epilation head removes more hair in a single motion, ensuring the smoothness of the skin for a long time. Wet & Dry function makes it possible to directly use the epilator in the shower.

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Author: Anna Shustrova