Contest "Sweet dreams my baby" at Home Moms
 Healthy sleep is able to provide good health and high spirits, and children and adults. He is tired and needs some parents and little restless. Let's remind everyone how sweet those moments - moments the evening before heading to bed, night meeting with Morpheus and the joy of morning awakening: social network Mom and Country Store mattresses "Just Mattress" announces "Sweet dreams my baby."

To participate in the contest:

1. Place on the contest page (and also, if desired, in one of the groups in social networks Vkontakte and Facebook) the best picture of the kid who goes to bed, sleeping or waking up recently.

2. Send an e-mail your name (or nickname) on the website, as well as answers to questions our little informative quiz.

 Contest "Sweet dreams my baby" at Home Moms

 Contest "Sweet dreams my baby" at Home Moms

1. As is well known, mattresses with fully removable covers have a number of advantages over their fellow non-removable: it allows you to regularly wash blankets, obezzarazhivaya them to vacuum the mattress from dust, protecting the bed of saprophytes ticks and other parasites, and also to replace, if desired own cases without changing the entire mattress entirely. Enter the name of a single-brand manufacturer, from among the internet - shop, letting out a mattress with removable covers.

2. From that, the material from which made the mattress cover, to a large extent on our comfort during sleep, our health and the life of the mattress. Tell us, what are the benefits of mattress covers part of Atmosphere, including cotton and alpaca?

3. The different parts of our body to weigh in different ways, and to the spine during sleep took physiologically correct position, you need adequate support each body part - depending on its weight. Give your answer by bringing in a mattress Atmosphera Planear provide better support for all parts of the body?

The winners will be presented with great prizes:

1 place

The ideal mattress Planear with improved back support and individual adjustment to your weight (manufacturer Atmosphere). The winner will be able to order the mattress is of a size that it needs (from 80h190 cm. To 200 by 200 cm).

The first takes place in the competition player with the most user votes in the vote on the website "Home Moms" and, thus, the most complete and detailed answers to the three questions of the quiz.

 Contest "Sweet dreams my baby" at Home Moms

2nd place

Orthopedic pillow Ergonom effect "memory" (the manufacturer of Atmosphere), follows the contours of your head and neck that supports and relieves muscle tension.

Second place in the competition will take participant whose competitive fotozayavka and answers to the quiz questions will seem most worthy site administration Country Mom.

3rd place

Gift another winner will also be a wonderful and comfortable orthopedic pillow Ergonom.

Third place in the competition - the choice of the sponsor, Representative store Just mattress. His party will take the most full and detailed answers to the three questions of the quiz, and place for the competitive period photo, meet all the requirements of the contest, one of the groups just Mattress Vkontakte or Facebook.

Photography can duplicate the photos posted in the competition on our website. To win this award, photograph placed in the competitive section of these groups should collect the largest number of comments with the words "voice" or "I like it." Note that the number of "likes" has no effect on the result of voting.

 Contest "Sweet dreams my baby" at Home Moms

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Author: Anna Shustrova