The new fragrance Manifesto from Yves Saint Laurent
 The aroma of modern femininity, reflecting the classic YSL charm and originality of youth. This is a new Manifesto from Yves Saint Laurent, for 30-35 year olds new women.

The fragrance opens top notes of jasmine and lily. The "heart" - notes of black currant and vanilla. A base - wood, with hints of cedar and sandalwood.

Aroma Manifesto comes in a bottle shaped like an hourglass. In addition, this silhouette features a most beautiful women in the period of the 30th anniversary, they created the fragrance. Purple bottle - a tribute to the founder of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, it was his favorite color, he called it the color of seduction.

 The new fragrance Manifesto from Yves Saint Laurent

Stefan Bezi, International CEO of the House of Yves Saint Laurent, said that the new product should be the same best seller, how is its predecessor, the smell of Opium.

Odour supplied in bottles of 30, 50 and 90 ml.

The face of the fragrance has become an American actress Jessica Chastain. The advertising image - a bold and original - the hands of the actress in purple paint on the opinion of the authors of the campaign, this image captures the essence of the new fragrance - she charm, grace and power holders Manifesto.

 The new fragrance Manifesto from Yves Saint Laurent

Author: Julia Gnedina