Manicure by SPARITUAL: fashionable shades of golden autumn
 Summer is already past its middle, and not far off one of the finest seasons - golden autumn! Fashionistas will certainly need to find this time of year fully prepared in advance for purchasing the release of cosmetics and varnishes trendy shades of Autumn 2012.

Early autumn in Russia - is, first of all shades of gold and the sun. Brand SPARITUAL   It proposes to move the sparkling colors of the sun's rays on our nails!

In ancient times, people believed that once the Sun itself was spilled on the ground and drops of rain turned into a sparkling precious metal.

Experts of the company SPARITUAL , Following the traditions of their ancestors, have created a special collection Gold Where every shade filled with the radiance of the sun, thanks to the microparticles contained in varnishes real gold.

The collection includes six unique varnish:

* Gilded Age   -ottenka Rose gold;
* Alchemy   - Shades of white gold;
* Aurum   - Golden glow;
* Electrum   - Blackened gold;
* Conduit   - Gold copper color;
* Rusted Lux   - Red gold.

 Manicure by SPARITUAL: fashionable shades of golden autumn

All paints of the new collection Gold   submitted limited edition with gold cap .

Exclusively from the masters - consultants SPARITUAL .

Author: Anna Shustrova