New products for the care of damaged hair from the "Little Marseillais"
 Brand cosmetics Le Petit Marseillais («Little marselets"), embodying colors and atmosphere of Provence, has already managed to catch the fancy of many Russian women. Today, just in time for the end of the summer season, when our hair looks is not the best because of the aggressive action of the sun, Le Petit Marseillais is a special care for colored and damaged hair.

Under the influence of aggressive environment, stress and chemical composition of dyes suffer both hair and scalp. That is why all of us in the summer, and especially women, regular hair coloring, requires special hair products with the function of protection and active restoration.

Le Petit Marseillais   It represents a new shampoo, conditioner and mask for damaged and dyed hair, containing natural ingredients Blueberry As well as a unique formula safflower oil .

 New products for the care of damaged hair from the "Little Marseillais"

* Safflower oil   give stability and elasticity of blood vessels, the skin of the head is actively regenerated and restored after staining.

Safflower is an active conductor of vitamins and nutrients to the deep layers of the skin and at the same time performs the function of humidity regulating, preventing the intensive evaporation of moisture.

* Blueberry extract   It has a high moisturizing effect, comprising a complex of natural components, including high levels of Vitamin E Needed to shine.

Hair acquire the force of nature and permanently retain color fastness. Additionally, you will appreciate the robust aroma of warm blueberry berries that will come from your hair.

The estimated price of the products:
Shampoo 122 rubles.
Air 133 rubles.
Mask 250 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova