Magazine "" in March 2012,
 The March issue of the journal "", according to tradition, is dedicated to women. And not only mothers, but also grandparents - such as Hollywood, many of which will give the most attractive odds starlet (although about imposing grandparents, members of the top most recognized sex symbol, we also do not forget). The heroine of our March issue Bonia Victoria - one of the recognized Russian beauties. And, it turns out, she is also a great man, a pleasant good-natured and expectant mother who happily ready for the grand event in her life - the birth of first child.

Maybe it's because pregnancy changes a woman? Of course, changes. Especially if the pregnancy - a difficult, distracting from the norm or is accompanied by all sorts of sensitive issues. About what to do in such cases - in our materials.

Incidentally, the problems and solutions may be different. We talked about some that are still considered non-traditional. For example, a fairly controversial bioadditives or osteopathy - old method of treatment, which is currently experiencing a second solution: it allows you to cope with the many challenges of the future mothers from toxemia and ending the pain of labor. But those who trust in the pill and standard methods more, we explain what medical methods of anesthesia used in childbirth. And this is done on an individual basis, because the pain threshold every woman is as unique as its very identity.

 Magazine "" in March 2012,
   Beauty Ani Lorak will share the secrets of her beauty and tells how quickly and is harmless to the body regain its ideal shape after childbirth, and psychologists will tell how to deal with a family crisis, which is often experienced young parents. Why the family enters into a tailspin? Well, for example, wanted a boy, and got the girl. It happens? Of course! On whether it is possible to influence the sex of the baby - the science, magic or mathematical calculations, see the article "M or F: half-made."

 Magazine "" in March 2012,
 Young parents, too, will find much of interest in the March issue. For example, first we will tell about the posture in which the mother can breast-feed your baby, and for those who have already tasted "adult" foods will help you choose the right highchair. And at the same time we tell you how to notice and possibly prevent the occurrence of such (related including malnutrition) status as atopic dermatitis. Those who believe that all diseases - not from improper diet, and the nerves will be interesting to see how developing central nervous system of the baby, and what are the signs of pathology in its development.

 Magazine "" in March 2012,
 And, of course, the number of each reader will find advice from the best experts in Moscow - an obstetrician-gynecologist, lawyer, pediatrician, various reviews of products and services that are offered by the modern expectant mother. The most advanced, those who want to read a magazine "" without leaving your computer, we give a subscription to the electronic version of the magazine "» №№ 2, 3, 4, 2012. Please send a request in any form to the address: and do not forget to include your city!

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Author: Julia Gnedina