Focus - Secret signs!
 Contest from writers Tatiana and Natalia Kalinina Korsakov! You are surrounded with hints of Destiny? Your life is filled with mysterious coincidences that are disguised as everyday objects and situations? Share with us secret signs on the site MyJulia! Shoot them - and win prizes!

C February 14 to March 7   you have the opportunity to showcase the photo that you seemed mysterious and unusual. This picture should be placed in a competitive album "Focus - Secret signs! "   Be sure to accompany the picture commentary: what would you mean filmed the phenomenon or object. And remember: the mysterious on closer examination can be anything!

The main prize - digital photo frame Philips ** Focus - Secret signs!

Two works will receive the prize of the author of the collection 5 best books about love .

First Five participants will receive the book by Tatiana Korsakov "Damn gift" .

The inspirers of the contest - the authors of a series of Tatiana and Natalia Kalinina Korsakov - wish you success in your photo hunt for secret signs!

Entries are accepted from 14 to 28 February. Voting for the contest works from 28 February to 7 March. Each participant can submit five works, but only one can win. The results of the photo competition "Focus - Secret signs! "Will be published on March 8.

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