NEW: Makeup Eraser
 Despite the fact that the make-up artists with a worldwide reputation not get tired of repeating that the best brush - it is your fingers, and the best eraser - a cotton swab, despite this Givenchy venture to offer its solution.

Givenchy MISTER PERFECT - the so-called novelty of high grade, designed to erase imperfections as accurately as makeup.

Made Givenchy MISTER PERFECT as a thin pen, easy to use and is suitable for even the most delicate work, for example, to correct "arrow" or even erase the liner on the inside of the century.

Product launch in March 2012, and the thing is worth 20 euros.

Advertising poster captures the imagination, but ... I still do not understand the need to this thing or not.

 NEW: Makeup Eraser

Author: Julia Gnedina