Site and store give gifts!
 All are familiar with overseas, but so familiar in the diet of many of us treat - shrimp. This low-calorie, rich in calcium and protein seafood has many options of cooking and serving - which one do you suggest? Competitive group "Recipe of the Month" on open for your useful and diet, recipes shrimp.

The authors of the three best recipes will award prizes of the contest sponsor, online store

Recipe selected user voting will be awarded the service of a series of dishes with fine flowers in pastel colors - classic series of French design firm Luminarc.

Such dishes are traditionally well with crisp white tablecloths, and the material of reinforced glass is light and modern.

 Site and store give gifts!

Cook, whose recipe will win Site administration and moderator of the competition group The baby will receive a series of pitchers Tiera, made from 18/10 stainless steel and comply with Russian and international quality standards. ergonomic handle allows you to effortlessly keep the pitcher in hand, double-walled longer retain the temperature of the drink. Pitchers Tiera are easy to clean and, thanks to the special way of polishing, the mirror surface does not arise scratches.

 Site and store give gifts!

Jury selection will bring yet another gift of the competition - a thermos Regent Inox, which has a highly insulating properties and is used for storage and transport of hot and cold drinks and food. Because the thermos flask and the cabinet are made of stainless steel, these flasks are not afraid of falls and bumps, and vacuum panel provides safety right temperature for a long time.

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