"Activating sunburn" - the first sun lotion for a quick tan
 Dilemma "light or avoid the sun? "Does not come from the pages of women's magazines. This is not surprising, because on the one hand, the vast majority of Russians want to have a smooth, nice tan, and on the other - thanks to modern science, we know: the impact of UVA \ UVB-rays cause premature aging of the skin.

As a result of several years of research scientist lab NIVEA Sun managed to resolve this dilemma.

In spring 2011, NIVEA Sun has released a revolutionary new product "Activating sunburn"   - The first sun lotion for a quick tan with SPF protection factor of 20.

The new lotion will give a strong, durable and beautiful tan and ensure effective protection of the skin against UVA and UVB-rays.

The innovative formula at the same time stimulates the expression of a natural tan and protects the skin from sunburn.

- Natural plant extract that activates the production of melanin (pigment that is produced naturally by the body and is responsible for protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, and the intensity of the sun. It is thanks to his skin darkens and becomes a natural tan).

- UVA \ UVB-factors protect the skin.

- Dermatologically tested.

Properties new items:
- Waterproof
- Effective protection against UVA and UVB-rays
- 100% natural tan tanning 0%
- Stimulates the expression of a natural tan
- Ultralight formula without sticky effect

65% of Russian women would like to have golden tan
54% - an intense amber tan hue
49% dark chocolate
And only 40% of women sunbathing, using sunscreen.

Author: Julia Gnedina