Canada has banned the popular hair products
 Cosmetics Design reports that Health Canada promonitorit hair products, which are in the country on the market and issued a stern verdict - ban the five products as they are not safe for the health of women.

This means for straightening hair. What they seemed dangerous to physicians? Prohibited five products are composed of a high level of chemical called formaldehyde.

Low levels of formaldehyde are safe for human health, but the increase in the maximum permissible norms can lead to various irritations and skin reactions, respiratory diseases and even cancer.

Doctors agree that products containing formaldehyde should be used only in well-ventilated areas and especially should be attentive to their barbers.

Safe levels of formaldehyde - 0, 2%. A gap of five products there is a significant excess of:

- Moroccan Hair Treatment by Inoar (2, 84%).
- Keratin Complex Express Blowout from Copomon (1, 70%).
- Keratin Connection from the Royal Keratin Professional Line (1, 54%).
- Zero by La Brasiliana from (0, 76%)
- La Brasiliana Veloce from (0, 35%)

 Canada has banned the popular hair products

 Canada has banned the popular hair products

 Canada has banned the popular hair products

Hopefully unhealthy products are not used by Russian master))) just in case, have the means and the time to browse the content of formaldehyde.

Author: Julia Gnedina