Competition "Spring creativity"
 Spring - it's not just spring flowers, screaming cats and puddles underfoot. It also uncovered ... No, not only the senses! Laying bare our legs appear before hiding under a coat knees in stockings and shoes are replaced by hard boots, but with our heads pretty flies ... winter hats. No, they are, of course, is decorated, but without them we are even more beautiful - can demonstrate shiny hair, arranged in such different and spectacular hairstyles.

And in the spring of nature itself requires updating, so spring hairstyles pleased creativity, fun ... So we invite you to come up with its spring hairstyle. And not only come up with! But to describe the process of creating hairstyles, make up a story of its creation and, of course, take a picture - how do you do it: the start and the end result is hair.

Attention competition! Women's social network and   brand Remington   present new competition, "Spring creativity" . The idea of ​​the contest: hairstyles! Cheerful, Spring, serious, creative, in general - hairstyles! Prizes - themed.

The winner will receive the brand Remington clipper NS5150 Competition "Spring creativity"

New Clipper with self-sharpening blades made of advanced steel will satisfy any fashionista. Special nozzles can help to adjust the length of the blades, so the haircut will just be of your dreams. And for your comfort Housing machines made in such a way that it is easy to hold in your hand

A user whose article won 2nd place, It will be the proud owner of Remington Shine Therapy straightener . Competition "Spring creativity"

Shine Therapy Hair Straightener not only style your hair, but also takes care of them, giving a fantastic shine and healthy appearance! Remington Shine Therapy straightener is equipped with a special plate that is activated during installation conditioner Shine Therapy and evenly distribute it across the surface of the hair. Just imagine - plate straightener, like a sponge, soaked hair shine conditioner Shine Therapy. Heated plates emit air conditioning and distribute it on the surface of the hair. This air conditioner will last for tens of thousands of beautiful hair!

The prize for the 3rd place: the steam styler CB4N from Remington. Competition "Spring creativity"

This miracle comb is ready for operation within 60 seconds after switching on and has a ceramic cylinder for a more uniform heating. In Styler SV4N couple has a function for easy installation and easy to fill the water tank.

Also SV4N are two comb attachments, ie the ability to curl your hair when laying all sorts of ways.

Styler SV4N equipped unheated tip and LED indicator. Steam styler SV4N will be the best assistant in the creation of unique and individual way, because with Remington beauty available to you than ever before!

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