New multifunctional mascara "Double Agent" from Oriflame
 We reveal the secret special agents! One mascara "Double Agent" from Oriflame has two missions, allowing to create extremely long or ultraobemnye lashes. You can not? Try it!

Oriflame is multifunctional mascara "double agent"   dosing amount of mascara on the brush with one turn of the cap, which hides an ingenious system of double action. Decide for yourself which side you play today and opt for length or volume of eyelashes. Create two different make-up eyelashes with mascara a single "double agent."

MISSION number 1: Extreme length
How to reach:   Unscrew the black cap carcasses "double agent." A small thin brush distributes the mascara on the lashes with a thin layer, maximizing their length and not allowing to stick together. It will be another appeal to your little secret.
Result:   lashes 40% longer * and perfectly separated.

Mission number 2: Ultraobem
How to reach:   Remove the silver cap carcasses "double agent." Special brush ultraobema - that's all it takes to create a unique image, and the new mascara formula requires only one application - your lashes are perfect for the entire day!
Result:   greater volume of eyelashes 9 times *.

 New multifunctional mascara "Double Agent" from Oriflame

Multi mascara "double agent"
Length or volume: 2 in 1 mascara effect. Choose your mission and appropriate image of eyelashes. 8 ml.
Price: 340 rubles.
Multi mascara "Double Agent" on sale from March 14, 2011.

* Based on the results of clinical tests

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila