Relax with ACUVUE®!
 So it's a warm summer! Hello, bright sun and long awaited deserved rest! Contact Lenses ACUVUE® help you to be confident in yourself, your vision and protect eyes from harmful UV rays!

All the rest is different. Someone goes to the sea or in the student camp, someone visits sightseeing tours, while others simply spend it with friends for endless parties. However, no matter where you are, people with poor eyesight, you can easily find one of the following:

- One pair of glasses worn on the face, second, sunscreens, color (position varies depending on the situation)

- Ask many questions surrounding, for example, "What is the number of the bus? ", "what is written there? "," Who is sitting at the table near the door to the cafe? "

- Blink, often pulling the finger edge of the eye

- Feel insecure in active games such as badminton or volleyball

- Sometimes fall into absurd situations without carrying points.

If at least one of the items you can apply to yourself, then you have a reason to try contact lenses. With them, no one would guess that you are visually impaired. You can always see well wearing fashionable sunglasses look great in any outfit and do you interesting sport without fear of break points. Contact lenses easy and convenient, such as contact lenses, as the 1 • DAY   ACUVUE® TruEye ™   (Wan Day Acuvue True Eye) do not feel in the eyes. In their eyes they consume 100% oxygen as the eyes without lenses.

In order to select suitable for you contact lenses, check your nearest salon optics. There ophthalmologist will check your vision, contact lenses will pick up and teach you how easy it is to use them. During the trips the most convenient one-day contact lenses every morning you put on a fresh pair of eyes new contact lenses in the evening simply removed and discarded it. No solutions and containers for contact lenses, no worries!

If you plan to relax in warmer climes, where a lot of sun, you probably already stocked special sunscreen for the skin. However, the eye is not less than the skin, are vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Clinically proven that prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can damage the surface of the eye and its internal structure. Moreover, this effect has the ability to accumulate. The longer the eyes are exposed to UV radiation, the higher the risk of disorders and diseases.

 Relax with ACUVUE®!

The intensity of UV radiation varies throughout the day. In general it can be said that the higher the position of the sun in the sky, the higher radiation level. However, his eyes are more affected by the sun, which shines at eye level, ie in the morning and in the afternoon.

The most common way to protect your eyes from UV light is sunglasses. However, the most dangerous, peripheral UV rays reflected from the soil, grass, sand, water and the edge of the rim, seep around the edges points and catches the eye. That is why in order to protect the eyes is 100%, it is necessary simultaneously with conventional sunglasses wear contact lenses with a UV filter. All Brand Contact Lenses ACUVUE® (Acuvue) are provided with a filter and protect the eyes from the harmful and destructive for the cells of the eyes to UV rays ( Contact lenses that absorb UV radiation, are no substitute for wearing sunglasses because they do not completely cover the surface of the eye and eye area ).

Contact Lenses ACUVUE® help you to be confident in yourself, your vision and protect eyes from harmful UV rays! Relax with ACUVUE®!

Author: Julia Gnedina