Whether SPAntannoy with Groupon.ru!
 Every girl tends to look perfect. And often achieve the desired result is much more accessible than we could imagine. Proper nutrition on the recommendations of experts Diets.ru combined with modern salon treatments will make you feel the beauty queen. Especially because with the service Groupon.ru You can visit various beauty-studio and sports centers in your city with discounts from 50 to 90%. Modern wrap, modeling massage, effective SPA-treatments for face and body - these and many other procedures with incredible discounts are available daily on the service Groupon.ru.

Many of you have already evaluated the effectiveness of modern SPA-procedures, regularly use these techniques in order to maintain its beauty and filling forces and do it with pleasure. We suggest you bring to this process a little excitement. Starting today, and until April 27, 2011   inclusive place your photos in this album competition "Be SPAntannoy! " And you could win a modeling session salon care in your city!

Ask your loved ones to photograph you while you familiar home or salon personal care - it can be a fruit or vegetable mask, applying make-up, hair treatments, fitness and sauna (and perhaps you already have these pictures?). Place the photos in the album contest within a specified time, come up with a memorable name and invite your friends to vote for you.

Get acquainted with the terms of the contest here.

 Whether SPAntannoy with Groupon.ru!

Author: Diets.ru