Action Club Beauty - 20% discount on all Bino Tiani stoles and silk scarf as a gift
 Stoles - a universal thing. This scarf and shawl and cape. Tippet can be worn in everyday life at work, at the weekend - at home, it is ideally suited to any outfit. And secular reception and party stole otvyaznoy be appropriate. He will rescue you, warm you with its warmth, adds elegance and charm, will be a highlight in the image.

Tippets from Bino Tiani is not just a beautiful accessory. The brand has a 200-year history, in the early 19th century products of the fashion house enjoyed a special love among Italian aristocracy. Of course, times have changed, but the designers remain true to the traditions of luxury and high style. Wraps are made by hand from genuine pashmina. Despite the subtlety of visual material, it holds heat well, and even in the coldest nights, warm and give an unforgettable feeling of warmth and comfort. In addition, it unusually pleasant to the touch.

Tippets are standard sizes - 70 to 200 centimeters and are presented in a wide range of shades. Each is packaged in a box of personal brand. The product can be a perfect gift for any woman, regardless of taste and age. There is no doubt that it will appreciate.

Only until the end of October you have the unique opportunity to get two items from Bino Tiani the price of one. Buying tippet at a special price in our store, you get a silk scarf as a gift. The structure includes a headscarf natural silk thread. Because of this, he gently caresses the skin and has a positive effect on mental and physical health.

Do not miss the opportunity to please yourself and loved ones luxurious products from the ancient Italian fashion house. Especially because now it does not cost much.

Author: Julia Gnedina