Irina Slutskaya - the new face of Oriflame Wellness products
 Irina Slutskaya is "Wellness - my new lifestyle! ". Russian figure skater, twice world champion, the first in the history of Europe seven times champion Irina Slutskaya recommends a series of Wellness by Oriflame!

The catalog number Wellness 4 (10.10.10 - 01.01.11) Irina Slutskaya will present a series of Wellness products - efficient, healthy and natural food supplements that will give the beauty inside and excellent state of health.

A day in the life of Irina Slutskaya :

6.00   I wake up, I get up and drink a large glass of mineral water to reduce hunger and improve metabolism. Then I do a little bit of an exercise or do yoga. Great start to the day!

8.00   It's time to wake up her son and breakfast. Freshly squeezed juice, a plate of oatmeal with fresh vegetables (I love!) And my secret helper - Wellness Pack for the well being of the whole day.

11.30   Ice training. Today, I am rehearsing a new show, what unspeakably happy! Going out on the ice, I immediately feel a surge of inspiration and creative energy to help me move forward.

13.00   Lunch. With my busy schedule is not easy to find time for a full meal. But dinner is not worth missing. If you do not have time for lunch, I'll just take a cocktail "Nechural Balance", which I always carry with me.

15.00   Today, I give an interview for a fashion magazine. Of course, they will be asked about how to lose weight quickly, especially after childbirth. Well, that's no secret. We need only exercise, proper nutrition and, more importantly, a good motivation.

 Irina Slutskaya - the new face of Oriflame Wellness products

19.00   Rest of the day I spend with my family. We play, walk, watch cartoons, or just hang out.

22.00   Finally, the time for yourself. We need to do a lot, but I am still full of energy. And all this with products Wellness

In a series of Wellness by Oriflame presents:

- Dry mix for a cocktail "Nechural Balance" . If you want to look great and feel great cocktail "Nechural balance" - your right choice. It is a natural, comfortable, safe and effective way to stay in shape. And it's delicious! Drink a cocktail when you feel hunger and stay energized all day long! It is not a cure. 378 g, 21 servings. Irina Slutskaya: "Cocktail" Nechural Balance "- my natural choice" .

Corporate Christmas cocktail "Citrus mix" of Irina Slutskaya, who will help to avoid the traditional New Year's weight gain:

Mix in a blender, mix 1 scoop cocktail "Nechural Balance - Vanilla", 100 ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and 50 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice. Serve in a cocktail glass and garnish with orange slices.
Splash vitamin freshness!

 Irina Slutskaya - the new face of Oriflame Wellness products

- Wellness Pack Women . Wellness Pack smooths and regenerates the skin, providing the body with essential nutrients for optimal functioning of the immune system. You feel protected and looking great! Bag 21, each of which sodezhrit:

  - "Omega-3" (2 capsules)
- "Swedish beauty complex" (1 capsule)
- Complex "Multivitamins and Minerals" for women (1 tablet)

Irina Slutskaya: "Usually, I have been closely watching the condition of the skin and try to maintain immunity. So I started taking Wellness Pack. Now I just can not imagine how you can do without! I began to look better and very happy about it "

 Irina Slutskaya - the new face of Oriflame Wellness products

Author: Julia Gnedina