Clothing and perfumery Gap logo change
 Nearly 20 years fans of the brand Gap learned its logo as a blue square, and three white letters in the center. Now the owners of the brand logo is not considered modern, and presented to the public a new logo. However, we ask the opinion of their customers.

Report on the redesign of the logo placed on the page of the brand in the social network Facebook. It states that the decision to change the logo of the brand. But the proposal, which is exposed to the public, has been criticized. Therefore, representatives of Gap appealed to everybody to speak about the new logo, or offer your own version.

All the details will follow in the next few days. But it is already clear that the news of the Gap logo redesign has caused great interest of Internet users.

Here on this new logo sparked controversy:

 Clothing and perfumery Gap logo change

What do you think? You like?

Author: Julia Gnedina