Diane von Furstenberg launches cosmetics line and its flavor
 The famous American designer clothes and accessories and interior, is launching its own line of cosmetics, which will debut a new feminine fragrance. And there will premiere this fall.

The new line of cosmetics will include products for skin care and color cosmetics. Diane dreamed about this for a long time, and implemented with the help of his girlfriend Chantal Roos, president of the cosmetics brand YSL Beauté.

"Everything that I do in my life, I'm doing for the women, they inspire me, and I treat them with great respect, and I want everyone feel strong, beautiful and individual" - said Furstenberg publication WWD. Speaking about the new cosmetics, designer indicated that it will give a great choice, and will also be technological.

To be fair, it is worth remembering that Diane von Furstenberg had already produced in the 70's line of cosmetics and fragrance named "Tatiana" (the name of the daughter of Furstenberg). They say that the new scent will be similar to the one.

In Russia, the clothing brand Diane Von Furstenberg represent Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki. In general, Russians are very fond of models from Furstenberg and, probably, it is hoped that the designer cosmetic line will be represented in Russia, at least in a limited number of customers for the brand.

Author: Julia Gnedina