Gentle care for sensitive skin with Gillette
 New razor Gillette Fusion Power Cool White shaving gel and Gillette Series Hypoallergenic help protect skin from irritation after shaving and feelings of tightness inherent including sensitive skin. Because of its efficacy and safety, even for sensitive skin, Gillette products are approved and recommended by the Russian Society of Dermatologists.

According to the research Gillette About 40% of men are owners of sensitive skin. Irritation, discomfort while shaving, dryness and flaking, a feeling of tightness and burning of the skin after shaving, - these are the signs of sensitive skin. All of them can be triggered by various causes, such as a bad environment, too dry air, improper skin care and even stress. Meanwhile, many men do not know what their skin needs special care and use inappropriate funds that often do not solve the problem, but rather exacerbates it.

Gillette Fusion Power Cool White   - A new shaving system, which received the approval of the Russian Society of Dermatologists. She embodied all of the advanced technology Gillette Fusion . 5 the thinnest blades Power Glide   coated with anti-friction does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. Built on a unique microchip stylish glossy white with blue accents handle sends a mitigating micropulses that reduce friction. The lubricating strip indicator with formula, enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, provides a better razor glide. The strip changes color from blue to white, recalling that the blade should be changed at least 1 time per month. With the trimmer blade on the back of the shaving cartridge to maintain sideburns, beard and mustache in perfect condition now easier than ever. At the same time, despite the very delicate effect on sensitive skin, the razor is not inferior in quality and clean shave - the skin is perfectly smooth.

When caring for sensitive skin, the key point is the choice of suitable tools for shaving. Gel Gillette Series Allergy   It contains no artificial fragrances and dyes. This makes gel suitable for sensitive skin agent which avoids the irritation and dryness of the skin during shaving. Triple protection formula of gel with softener helps protect the skin from cuts, redness and feelings of tightness. Gel Gillette Series Allergy   It is ideal for use with a razor Gillette Fusion Cool White   for men with sensitive skin.

According to dermatologist Vladislav Kursheva men with sensitive skin often misunderstood care for her, using improper means, such as, for example, a simple soap or foam. This provokes the appearance of redness and irritation of the skin. "In order for such problems did not arise, it is necessary, first, to choose the right tools for shaving, which solve the problem of sensitive skin, and secondly, to provide the skin system care. This means that it is important not to forget about cleansing, preparing skin to Shaving and its protection, as well as moisturizing shaving and after " .

In addition to shaving gel, in the range of funds Gillette Series Suitable even for sensitive skin, also includes after shave balm, shower gel cleanser, moisturizer.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila