Photo Contest "Sport vaccination"
 Who said that with the fall coming only SARS and depression? Autumn - it's time to enjoy life. In the autumn of the body is filled with the sun three summer months, and a plurality of vitamins fruit and vegetables eaten in the juice. In the autumn the streets and forests are full of golden light pouring from the yellowed branches on our strict and bright umbrellas. Autumn gives us peace and the lyrics, we meet it without sadness - morning exercises and walks in the fresh air.

In the fall, as ever invigorates early jog and warm hot tea with herbs. That fall, many remember (and someone and forgot), it is important to maintain health throughout the year, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sports crisp autumn morning especially pleasant, they help us to wake up in the morning with a great mood.

Women's social network and brand Vitomin pleased to present you a new photo contest: "Sport vaccination."

Vitomin   the first specialized national chain stores healthy lifestyle, offering vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition and natural cosmetics for the growing group of Russian consumers who care about their health.

We rejoice in life and plan to infect the joy many people as possible. Our joyful virus kills all known germs and bacteria, virus carriers do not need a mask, aspirin and scarves!

All on "Sports vaccinated" !

Get your supply of energy from the fall and want to share with others can do it, laying out his pictures of the competition. Read carefully and do not get sick!

The contest "Sport vaccination" is held on the pages of the network and with the support brand Vitomin October 6, 2010 to November 6, 2010 . The competition involved photographs of registered users on the network, placed in the "Photo Hunt" in a specially created contest album "Sports vaccination." The first and second place will be determined by user voting, the jury will select the winners of the remaining given user voting.

5 Authors of the best works   receive from the brand Vitomin prizes that will help them to stay fresh and healthy.

 Photo Contest "Sport vaccination"

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Ginseng - a powerful herbal stimulant, improves mental and physical performance, tones, strengthens the immune system, improves adaptation to stress, adverse environmental conditions.

Soap "Iskus"   Chamomile - natural handmade soap, made from valuable environmentally friendly vegetable oils containing only natural essential oils and additional herbal ingredients. No preservatives, dyes, synthetic fragrances and petroleum products as well as animal fats, t. E. A vegetarian.

Vitaminnitsa VITOMIN   It is convenient to remind yourself of vitamin It is possible to distribute vitamins reception at different times of the day. Finally, an advantage of the ability to carry

Another 5 works   It will be awarded incentive prizes: 5 packs of natural and healthy tea on VITOMIN send them a gift.

 Photo Contest "Sport vaccination"

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Author: Julia Gnedina