Catherine Vilkova - the new face moisturizing line OLAY Active Hydrating
 OLAY announces the start of cooperation with the Russian actress Catherine Vilkova. Catherine will face a line of moisturizers for the face OLAY Active Hydrating in Russia. Already in March 2012, funds will be available this line with the image, quote, "My secret to perfect skin hydrated throughout the day," and autograph Catherine packages

The line of innovative products from Active Hydrating OLAY - 3 is active moisturizing face cream with low-fat formula that gently care for the skin, leaving it perfectly hydrated non-stop for 24 hours.

The new face of OLAY Active Hydrating Catherine Vilkova - young and beautiful woman, bright representative of the new generation. It looks great - her skin literally glows health. Catherine is not only the epitome of the target audience funds line OLAY Active Hydrating, but also very happy to use them.

"I am very pleased to work with OLAY, because the collection of Active Hydrating OLAY, the person I am now, is designed for girls like me. A new generation of girls who live in a non-stop, and the rhythm of life which does not slow down for a minute and requires adequate resources to care for themselves, their health and skin. To ensure non-stop skin hydration, I chose innovative means OLAY Active Hydrating and really see the results of its use and the screen, and in the life of 24 hours " - Says Catherine Vilkova.

The Katina age when an anti-aging is still too early to think, most importantly, on what should be emphasized - is active moisturizing, so the funds line OLAY Active Hydrating perfect for her young delicate skin. His example will inspire millions Ekaterina girls whose lives as quickly and diverse, and that want to always be the center of attention 24 hours a day to look perfect. After all, with the means OLAY Active Hydrating - it's so easy - they are perfectly moisturize the skin throughout the day, helping to avoid the need for make-up remover to moisturize the skin.

In a series of products from OLAY Active Hydrating Cream 3 includes:
Day Cream OLAY Active Hydrating   It makes the skin supple and soft, giving a feeling of comfort and freshness. It is easily applied and contains UV filters that protect the skin from direct sunlight.
Cream for Sensitive Skin OLAY Active Hydrating   It provides a soft but sturdy hydration throughout the day. It does not contain perfumes and dyes, thus hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
Night Cream OLAY Active Hydrating   It enriches the skin with nutrients throughout the night, perfectly restoring it after all the stress on the skin during the day.

Funds from the line OLAY Active Hydrating from ideal for daily use, as well as a base for makeup. Thanks to a special formula low-fat cream is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila