The long-awaited freshness with the new Head & Shoulders
 Each of us wants to extend the feeling of freshness, which gives a morning shower. However, this feeling usually lasts very long, and in the evening hair loses its fresh new look, and we - Indulge in the pleasures of the evening as a date or a meeting with friends, worrying that look flawed. To these situations are not repeated, the researchers created a Head & Shoulders shampoo with a unique formula: ProClean, which is better cleanses the hair and prolongs the feeling of freshness like never long, and ActiZinc, which effectively removes dandruff and prevents its further appearance

This stems from the fact that hair too quickly lose their freshness of the morning, it is, in particular, and poor environment of big cities: air pollution, dry air in the office, ultraviolet, urban smog. New Head & Shoulders will be a reliable ally that will give a welcome feeling of freshness, regardless of the time of day. Its unique formula gently cleanses hair ProClean and enveloping aroma of freshness will accompany you throughout the day!

5 things to know about the freshness and the new Head & Shoulders:
• The cause of contamination of hair is not only the work of the body (of the sebaceous glands, dandruff), but also a lot of environmental factors (dust, smog, ultraviolet light, and others.);
• Formula ProClean 30% effectively cleanses the hair and scalp from various forms of pollution;
• The smell is a key factor that affects our mood;
• Aromas of the new Head & Shoulders created like spirits: containing upper, middle, base notes, which are revealed throughout the day;
• change not only your hair, but also the Head & Shoulders: its 2D design has become even fresher, brighter and attract attention at first sight.

Enjoy the feeling of freshness all day, feel all facets of new fragrances and forget about dandruff with new improved Head & Shoulders and his formula ProClean!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila