News from Give the name of Health!
 Portal and developers of innovative software restore health and appearance with the working title "Health Planner" announced a contest for a new name of the original system!

The system has no analogues in the world market and is currently in the final stages of development. The pilot launch of the application is planned for next month, its basic version is completely free for users! The best name suggestions by users, can become a real brand name of this unusual and very useful product!

The winner will receive a gift of the body analyzer scales EKS with features measuring water content and fat tissue mass fraction of muscle and bone tissue, as well as with the option to calculate calories.

 News from Give the name of Health!

What is a Health Planner?
The product is truly unique. This is a computer program that allows the user to achieve the desired goal in the field of health and appearance! Never before has the work on self-improvement has not been so easy and fun: You put yourself desired goal and gradually move to achieve it under the guidance of an experienced and qualified experts. The system provides for regular monitoring of the changes in your fitness and well-being and, if necessary, corrective action program. More information on the program here.

Basic requirements for the title:
1. Brevity and catchiness - the name should be easily understood and remembered.
2. The title should be written in English letters.
3. Internationalization - the name is to be understood, or at least not to cause bewilderment among residents of different countries.
4. Lack analogues - the system does not have to be called as well as existing programs for automatic adjustment of the physical form.
* We recommend that before the publication of his version of the name check it for all the recommendations in the search engine

Contest Rules:
1. Dates of competition: from 22 June to 23 July. The site Competition titles will be accepted until July 15 inclusive. After this, the reception of works for the competition will be closed. Customer voting will take place on July 23. The winner will be announced on July 25th.
2. Each user can offer no more than 10 competitive titles. Each name must be presented in a separate comment. That is, if you offer 10 titles, then you should write 10 separate comments.
3. The competition is open only to registered users Competition titles are published in the comments to the first level of the competition entries. Details about comments here.
4. The winner will determine the user voting online
5. banned artificial ranking cheat and violation of other fundamental rules of our website.
6. The contest can not participate administration officials and members of their families.

We wish you all good health and great ideas!

* Prizes are delivered by Russia. If you are the winner, but live outside Russia, you can get your prize by your loved ones, living in the territory of the Russian Federation. Term Demand prize - 6 months from the date of announcement of the results of the contest.

Author: Julia Gnedina