White tea: Beauty from within
 After a hot summer, so I want to be wrapped in a cozy blanket and looking at the darkening sky outside the window, drink a cup of hot tea with jam. And, of course, devote time to their appearance.

To restore and strengthen skin tone, it is important to ensure effective nutrition and hydration, as well as stimulate natural cell renewal every day. The best tool for this is the use of natural ingredients. That's why experts in preference to create cosmetic products for skin care. The company Herbalife has created a line of products for body care complex. New cream line "White tea"   Skin care of hands and feet is not less than 90% natural ingredients. Underlying - white tea and black currant seed oil - one of the most effective ingredients that promote cell renewal. White tea - the leader among plant antioxidants, black currant seed oil - a real storehouse of active substances. Each product is supplemented with valuable plant oils and extracts that provide the best nutrition and hydration. Acting together, these ingredients provide a daily comprehensive care to look well-groomed skin like never before.

 White tea: Beauty from within

Hand Cream Comprehensive care   It is based on plant extracts, oils, vitamins and biosaharidov. Ideal for complex daily care of the rest. Promotes skin renewal and helps prevent premature aging due to vitamin complex, and white tea extract. Effectively it moisturizes and nourishes through forming part of the components, including black currant seed oil, enclosed in microcapsules for better penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. It forms a thin protective layer on the basis of vegetable oils (karite, jojoba), which protects and softens the delicate skin of your hands during the day.

Softening Foot Cream   It is based on plant extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals. Refreshes and promotes skin renewal legs thanks to the white tea, mint and minerals complex. It effectively moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin through vitamins, valuable karite oil, macadamia nut and seeds cassis. Due to the delicate texture it is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy film. Provides effective daily skin care feet. It has a slight scent of white tea.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila