Create a new culinary masterpieces with Braun!
 New wireless blender Braun Multiquick MR 740cc will help you quickly and easily prepare a meal for the whole family without much effort!

How often expensive kitchen appliances bought on the occasion or someone donated, gathering dust in the back closet! Initially, they caused delight and bring joy, but were gradually forgotten and abandoned in a corner. This is not surprising: after all, many of them so uncomfortable to use!

New wireless blender Braun Multiquick MR 740cc will help you prepare delicious meals at any time and anywhere! You do not even need to look for a free outlet, because it works on the battery and charger included in the kit. In addition, if you wish, you can use the device in power saving mode.

Braun Multiquick MR 740cc made in the best traditions of German quality. Before releasing it to the market, there have been more than one hundred tests. Experts Braun carefully thought through every detail to the blender was not just a decoration of your house, but a very practical tool in your cooking arsenal.

In use, you will be pleasantly surprised by the durability and convenience. Solid metal construction, blender attachment device provides a long effective operation. It is easier and better than others to cope with a refinement of fruit and vegetables, and at high speed - with nuts, herbs, hard cheeses, chocolate and even meat. One battery charge lasts for twenty minutes of continuous operation - enough for soup, sauce, and minced cutlet and sauce, and for dessert nut!

 Create a new culinary masterpieces with Braun!

An important feature of the new wireless blender is that it suited to all multi-nozzle blender Braun Multiquick 5, so that it can be used not only to grind, whip and mash, but also to cut, shred and even knead stiff dough.

Experienced hostess knows that cooking - it's only half the story: kitchen cleaning takes much time and much more tiring. Unique antirazbryzgivyuschaya system Braun Multiquick MR 740ss save you from this tedious! But after using the blender enough rinse under running water or wash in the dishwasher - and shine your kitchen clean!

Braun Multiquick MR 740ss gives you real freedom for culinary creativity without requiring special skills and efforts. Compact and easy to use, it allows quick and easy to prepare even the most complicated dishes. Now your family can gather for a sumptuous table every day - and you will still have the time and energy that you can give to your family!

Author: Julia Gnedina