Hit the transmission channel "Home"!
 The TV channel "Home" offers the wearer of our women's projects to participate in the filming of "Tell me what's wrong ?! ".

Looking heroine with interesting destinies and couples who love each other, but their relationship is something goes wrong. Heroes will live in the suburban spa during the entire period of shooting, where Anastasia Myskina will give a master class, Jan Laputina and family psychologists, trainers will help deal with the problems, and stylists and beauticians will work on the image.

All expenses for the shooting program "Tell me what's wrong ?! " takes on himself!

Call the program, if your life were those or other situations:

1. Sex with the chief
2. The young husband
3. Other people's children
4. Conjugal fidelity or infidelity
5. Husband beats, patience
6. Civil marriage
7. Liability (severe disease in relatives)
8. Who in the family earns more
9. My husband drinks
10. Grievances elderly parents on children
11. In-law and mother-in-law or as a couple break up
12. To love a second time
13. Strong Women
14. Do I need a family sex?
15. Happy One?
16. Young mother

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Author: Julia Gnedina