The diet for your heart
 Healthy heart - it's not only good health and beauty. Often - it is a matter of life. And it's time to take care of your heart. And it's important for women in particular, since there is evidence that cardiovascular disease take away every year as many lives of women as all forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

And we start with the food. It turns out that there are simple tips to help your heart feel strong for a long time.

1. Eat whole grains.   Whole grains help regulate blood pressure and are an excellent source of fiber. And it is not difficult - vnesni these foods into your diet. When buying bread, do not take white bread, and buy whole wheat bread. Buy and pasta from durum grain.

2. Eat less salt.   Salt increases the risk of high blood pressure, a major factor in the development of cardiovascular disease. Buy foods low in sodium. Do not salt and fresh vegetables, most of them have enough sodium.

3. Eat a low-fat protein.   Your heart and muscles need protein. But most foods rich in protein, contain more fat. And they are just bad for the heart. The preferred white meat poultry without skin, instead of fried chicken. The meat close to the bones is also more fat. Chips replace it with walnuts and soybeans. Whole milk to replace the fat-free, and the eggs on the egg white.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables . Often we know about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, but rarely eat them. We'll have to relearn. Be sure to keep in a conspicuous place a vase with fruit, then you will be more likely to eat them. And ideally - five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. After all, they are just filled with a substance that helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

5. Limit your intake of trans-fats and saturated fats.   These are the main enemies and sources of heart disease. Read carefully the labels of foods that are buying. Replacing meat fish at least occasionally, some of the problems can be avoided.

6. Watch out for volumes of food.   What is served at fast food restaurants, it looks very appetizing, but it's bad, and a lot. You need half! Focus on the fact that the dish never was packed products. Roughly speaking, you should see the color of the plates between meals - then it is a sufficient number.

7. Plan meals.   Try to write yourself menu for the day (and preferably a week) in advance and strictly adhere to it. Surfing the shop - just a list of relevant products. Most everything we use for snacking - bad for the heart.

Author: Julia Gnedina