Autumn trends in clothes - try now
 Do not expect dramatic changes in the weather to become fashionable, try out a few trends autumn now. Discover the list of trends Fall-2010 that does not make you wait for the autumn cold and rain.

1. 50s inspired.   One of the major trends this fall - clothes in the style of 50's. To emphasize the waist and hips can not hide now. And when choosing a form of skirts recall images created by Lyudmila Gurchenko "Carnival Night".

2. pilot jacket.   Jacket, not reaching to the waist, beneficial opens womanly figure.

3. maxi dress . Chiffon and flying, it can be quite a summer dress or a skirt. But it needs to be supplemented with a vest or jacket, short jacket. Then it will be a trend.

4. Baroque style.   The choice of prints and rich baroque look at the decor. This will bring you to a new trend. So as not to miss, inspired outfits from the latest collections of McQueen.

5. Leather shorts.   You are used for this hot summer shorts? And they even liked you? Diarrhea little more this piece of clothing, not only the summer a la male panties boxer and autumn leather and heavy fabrics.

6. Get plenty of accessories.   Hand-made or not, of the boutiques or jewelry of your chests. Embellish them not only themselves, but their bags, cell phones, shoes and notebooks.

7. Textured shoes.   Even in the autumn of studs difficult - it can be both fur and suede, and boucle shoes.

8. Alpine binding.   Do you think that would be tied to the fall or winter? Ostroaktualny alpine knit sweater, especially in the company of Max.

9. flared skirt.   Look or sew, sewn very easy!

10. The dressing hair.   It will update the image, and looks very autumnal.

Author: Julia Gnedina