The final of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG "Life is tasty - experiment!"
 Best Russian amateur chefs showcased the her art, using microwaves LG.
MOSCOW, August 27, 2010 - The company LG Electronics (LG), the world leader in consumer electronics, today announced the results of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG.

In the final culinary competition held at the studio school magazine "Deli", was attended by 12 amateur chefs, selected on the basis of a popular vote on the contest website, as well as evaluations of the competent jury. The composition of the team includes the famous judicial experts, in particular Andrei Zaharin, chief editor of "Deli", a spokesman for the international prize "50 best restaurants in the world" from Russia and Central Asia, a member of the jury of several national gastronomic awards; Alexander Ilyin, chief editor of the portal; Irina Masolova, chief editor of the magazine "School Deli" and "collection of recipes"; Irina Leshchenko, art director of the publishing house Bonnier Publications and Oleg Turkin, chef consultant publishing house Bonnier Publications.

 The final of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG "Life is tasty - experiment!"

All finalists of the Russian stage of the championship of the culinary LG has presented a unique opportunity to show their skills, talent and imagination in cooking, using innovative microwaves LG. The main criteria of the jury was the original recipe and compatibility of its ingredients, serving gourmet dishes and, of course, unique taste. In the course of a bitter struggle were identified 4 winners, which will participate in the world finals in Korea in September 2010: Nikolai Barat Suhoveeva Anna, Daria Kozyrin Olga Medvedev.

 The final of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG "Life is tasty - experiment!"

By the way, in the final of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG «Life is delicious - experiment! "Attended culinary portal users Povarё Among them, Anna Suhoveeva (nick on - anna-2580), which among other finalists will travel to Korea in September.

 The final of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG "Life is tasty - experiment!"

Annual Culinary Championship LG, held under the slogan "Life is tasty - experiment! »(Life Tastes Good), - it is the biggest festival of culinary art, where a variety of dishes and inventive chefs know no boundaries. The main difference of this championship is that absolutely all the participants - a culinary amateurs, not professionals.

Geography Championship "Life is tasty - experiment! "Expands from year to year. So, in the final in 2009 was attended by 13 teams from around the world - from the US, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia and others. Countries. In 2010, the annual international competition was held in Russia. Total final international championship in 2010 for the title of the winner will fight the 25 best teams from around the world - from North and South America, Europe and Asia, winning in the preliminary stages of the competition in their respective countries. To participate in the Russian stage of the competition was sufficient in the period from June 18 to August 15, 2010 to leave the recipe for the unique dishes cooked using a microwave oven LG, online

 The final of the Russian stage of the International Culinary Championship LG "Life is tasty - experiment!"

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Author: Julia Gnedina