Anatomy flavor: Dolce & Gabbana, The One for Men
 Last fragrance Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men perfectly for all men, according Gabbana: "I wanted to create a real men's fragrance."

The face of the perfume became famous actor Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey), who in an advertisement appeared in the form of the Latin male. Photographer made Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

The One for Men - a warm, fruity tobacco perfume oriental style. Mark describes him as "a spicy oriental fragrance that develops the harmony of tobacco with clean notes boisé". Bottle directly reflects the fashionable attitude of the brand, "the proportions of the bottle reminiscent of the perfect suit made in the fashion house" (see also the Narciso Rodriguez for Him).

Of particular importance is the fact that the fragrance puts the emphasis on fruit tonality - not such a frequent phenomenon in the men's fragrance (see Calvin Klein Man), and in the middle you can find excerpts from well-known, out of production, Italian classics ...

Despite the fact that The One for Men in essence offers a classic personality, it is, nevertheless, miraculously manages (after the traditional aromatic wood preamble) sensation of sweetness and fruit nuances, reminiscent of stewed fruit with a touch of strawberry sour and sweet anise (Car-en -Sac) overtones. Because of this, the aroma is very warm, slightly sweet with a fresh aromatic imprint.

The aroma is very similar to Laura Biagiotti Venezia their oriental fragrance. Fruity floral chords that make Venezia unique - Chinese color, flowering Wong-shi with mango, plum and osmanthus - seem to have a place here, but begin to appear after a simple and soft portions of peach chords following the licorice and strawberry notes. Special spicy flavor of mango, which is echoed Venezia, slows down the action to surprise us later. It is an interesting cultural component of the Italian tradition of perfumery brands and clever marketing engine, which makes it quite unconscious recognition.

  Tobacco, which at first seemed so distant and reserved, after some time it becomes palpable and acquires its strength. It has a smoky honey accents, is associated with wet tobacco slices in the glass jar. Perfume takes place in a well-balanced mild flavor, accentuated by some banal spicy, metal counterpoints.
The base is very warm, balsamic, amber (resinous), pleasant, even charming. This is especially felt after the fruit mixed with a deep amber chords. The One for Men may be quite easy to approach and women. If it belongs to the whole classic men's fragrance, it is necessary to add some clarification: the type of men - some more children, vulnerable macho, which sometimes reveals his feminine side, and the house likes to wear patterned silk robe with soft slippers. It is structurally unstable, nenahalny type. I would like to say that perfume is recommended confident, soft and sensual people.

Author: Ann, New York