New Veet in bulk packaging with dispenser
 Veet cream all good, but, unfortunately, have a tendency to suddenly end. Therefore, in line Veet specifically for permanent buyers appeared cream in new packaging of 400 ml!

Putting a bottle in the bathroom, now you can forget about the problem of unwanted hair - a favorite cream is always at hand! Each time an economical dosing provides the optimal amount of cream. A handy spatula Veet cream provides maximum contact with the skin, making it gentle and effective depilation.

In contrast to the razor, cream Veet - more than just a means of hair removal. Veet - is a delicate cosmetic product that provides a full range of cosmetic skin care. The new cream is enriched with a unique set MoistraSoft ™ and contains twice the moisturizing components than before! The structure of the new formula is similar in structure to natural moisturizer, so the cream is applied more easily, perfectly nourishes the skin with moisture and makes it incredibly smooth.

To provide personal care in Veet added special cosmetic ingredients, chosen in view of features of different types of skin. Veet cream packaged with dispenser is available in two versions - for sensitive and dry skin.

The cream Veet Sensitive Skin includes almond oil and vitamin E. Almond oil is perfectly regulates the water balance of the skin, has regenerating and toning effect and Vitamin E eliminates inflammation and slows the aging of cells.

Veet cream for dry skin contains Shea butter and Lily extract that soften and moisturize the skin, protects it from premature aging and give it silky.

Some details: how the Veet?

• Veet creams are designed to remove hair on the legs, arms, underarms and bikini trunk. Do not use Veet hair removal on the face, chest and the intimate areas of the body.

• Duration cream Veet is 3 minutes for dry skin and 5 minutes - for sensitive. When first using Veet hair still pretty hard, so hair removal may take longer than usual. However, the validity of the cream should not exceed 10 minutes.

• Cosmetics Veet passed all the necessary dermatologically tested. Only in very rare cases can be allergic to the cream Veet, associated with individual intolerance to the components of the cream. To protect yourself, use a cream during the initial test can be performed in the crook of the elbow. If after a few minutes you see redness or irritation, you can be sure - a cream for you!

• After using the cream Veet effect persists for two weeks, besides the hairs grow back become thinner and less noticeable. Compare: After shaving hairs start to grow after 6 hours and almost immediately bristle becomes noticeable to the touch.

• Creams Veet dissolved every hair not only on the skin surface, it makes the shaver, but at a depth of one millimeter. This explains the miraculous effect of smooth well-groomed skin, which persists for a long time.

• After use, the skin remains moisturized Veet - you do not need any additional creams and balms! Veet gives a feeling of tenderness and amazing satin skin beauty, helping women to feel beautiful and desirable!