Cream for eyelids and lips from Guerlain
 The company introduced the new Guerlain Eye Cream and Lip included in the product line of skin care class «high-end» Orchidee Imperiale. These products will be available in January 2007.

Initial cream Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care Cream was released in January 2006, and in September, was presented his "liquid" version.

  According to Guerlain, studies have shown that specific molecular extract the underlying line, can help counter hyperpigmentation, making the skin smooth, hydrated, fresh and soft.

  The new cream counteracts the appearance of puffiness and dark under the eyes, hides vertical wrinkles around the mouth and improves the contours of the lips.

  The formula of the product is described as mild, nourishing, gentle and easy. The cream is available in a jar (50ml), indigo and gold.