Magic Power hayloft to preserve beauty
 What do you associate the barn? Do not rush to answer about the village or the racetrack. Hay bath - one of the most fashionable and environmental procedures that offer at prestigious resorts.

For example, in today's hotels northern Italy hay bath is available for customers of many resorts. It is an immersion into the damp, fermented hay, and is such a pleasure in the region of 45-50 dollars.

But hay bath - it's not the newest invention. Such procedures exist in local hotels for a long time, 100 years ago, they have offered guests. Local farmers bring customers only the best hay is dried and precious medicinal herbs, such as cuff, arnica, valerian, bluegrass, ryegrass, fescue. These herbs are grown in the best meadows in the Alps.

Sleeping in the hayloft men began centuries ago. But this notion of hay baths were registered in 1871 due to farmers from Austria. It has been observed that these workers demonstrate good health and great energy every morning, in spite of his hard work. It turns out that every day they sleep in the hayloft. It was then that many wanted to try the effect of the loft and feel the refreshing effect and relief from rheumatic pains.

Since Tyrol became famous for its hay, because the grass for them are collected on clean meadows, located at an altitude of 2 450 meters. Suddenly, the Tyrolean farmers barns full of hay, were the subject of hunting townspeople. And since 1890, the Tyrolean hay bath was another source of income for local farmers. Resorts and hotels in the area mandatory offer its visitors the traditional form of healing the body.

 Magic Power hayloft to preserve beauty

What is the secret magic of the local hay? The higher alpine pastures, the diverse flora of the meadows. The hay, which is taken for beauty treatments, always has the highest quality, it is produced in the mountains, where it is not exposed to any chemicals and other impurities.

What is hay bath?

Hay soaked in hot water (water temperature of 105 degrees). Then press the hay under pressure to cause the fermentation process (release of juice and fermentation). After the hay should be slightly cool to 40-60 degrees. And only now that the client is wrapped wet and warm hay, pretty tight. And the procedure lasts 15 to 20 minutes. After the liberation of hay, wrapped in a linen cloth of the patient and give a soothing and healing effect.

There is a hay bath. During the procedure, you will be able to keep warm and a good sweat. Hay is taken at a higher temperature, and itself "bath" lasts 40 minutes. During the bath staff member helps to remove sweat from his face and takes a drink. In the classical procedure after a hay bath to the patient a glass of wine. But doctors criticize this technique. After all, alcohol is dehydrated and bath, and so to lose a lot of moisture (in the form of sweat).

 Magic Power hayloft to preserve beauty

Sometimes the remains of hay is not immediately removed from the patient's body, and then the client can enjoy the power of dried herbs and its essential oils and even during the night.

By the way, the popular Finnish saunas also use dried herbs force when tossed on the coals dried medicinal plants. Yes, and in the Russian bath hay bath elements are present - this brooms which give effect leaves of birch or oak, subjected to pressure, and decoupling.

What does the procedure work?

Essential oils of herbs have healing properties, it is their effect ensures all the health benefits offered by the hay bath. The list of diseases and ailments, from which rescues hay baths, is very broad:
- Obesity,
- rheumatoid arthritis,
- Pain in muscles and joints,
- Muscle cramps,
- Neuritis,
- Sciatica,
- Insomnia,
- Depression and stress.

 Magic Power hayloft to preserve beauty

Besides the essential oils in the composition of the fermented hay and coumarin glycosides, tannins. It helps to improve blood circulation, affects the internal organs through the reflex zones on the body surface.

It should also be noted the benefit to the skin, which give the essential oils of hay baths. Skin is freed from toxins, heals and restores, it becomes dull and velvety. And patients themselves say that energy and inspiration even after hay wraps.

Interesting fact

In South Tyrol, traditional festivals held health. These days promoted outdoor activities, hiking, cycling and skiing. And one of the points of the program in those days are hay baths. They organize in Vienna, South Tyrol and other cities of the country. Hay bath - not forgotten the ritual, it strongly endorse and believe this Austrian heritage.

 Magic Power hayloft to preserve beauty

Russia is also rich with forests and fields. There are eco-friendly areas with rich grass meadows. And the tradition of sleeping on the hay remain. So, next time you find yourself in your village, take your time placed in homes for the night - go to the barn, hay vote healing power.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin