Gifts Russian winter for female beauty
 Frost and snow this winter has brought with it a lot, often bringing us inconvenience. But the cold - it's not just the lack of, and benefit to female beauty. For example, scientists observed that Severyanka age much slower than southerners. After appropriate experiments, scientists have come to the conclusion that the snow and ice, loyal companions of the Russian winter are natural conservatives natural female beauty.

Many people know that if watered flowers home snow water, they shake off all winter ailments, prettier on the eyes and begin to grow better. What it is good for the plants, just helpful and female skin.

Only the snow to collect a clean, preferably in the country, melt it, to defend, to merge the top layer of water, leaving about 1/3 at the bottom of the vessel. Drain in a cool place and rub her face in the morning and evening. In the evening, the moisture does not get wet, and apply it directly to the moisturizer. The result appears quite soon - in a week or two, if you perform the procedure on a daily basis.

 Gifts Russian winter for female beauty

If you go out of town there is no way you can at home to cook for yourself a magical ice .

- Anti-aging:   Pour the tea leaves of green tea in tins and rub ice cubes every day face, neck and decollete.

- For a velvety skin:   1 teaspoon of chamomile Pour ½ cup boiling water, leave, wrapped, half an hour, strain, pour into molds.

- Wrinkle:   1 teaspoon crushed dried leaves of peppermint pour 1 cup boiling water. Insist 40 minutes Strain, pour into molds.

- To improve the metabolism: 1 dessert spoon of chopped dry grass, sage, pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for 40 - 45 minutes, strain, pour into molds for ice.

- For very oily skin: 1st. a spoonful of shredded oak bark pour 1 cup boiling water. Infuse for 20-25 minutes, drain. Pour into molds.

- Whitening:   1stolovuyu of lemon juice diluted in a glass of water at room temperature. Fill in the form below.

- For oily skin:   1 teaspoon grass succession pour 1 cup boiling water and insist 40-50 minutes wrapped. Strain, pour into the mold.

- Acne:   fighting them helps the ice of regular table salt - 1 teaspoon per cup of boiled water at room temperature.

- The ice of strawberries and strawberry   increases resistance to chapping of the skin. Brewing can be crushed dried berries or frozen.

- For women over 50   suitable ice from the broth of cornflower.

- Anti-aging, firming and gives a healthy look:   2st. spoon dried berries of mountain ash in a coffee grinder to grind, pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse for half an hour, strain, pour into molds.

Once or twice a week, rubbing the ice it is recommended after a steam bath or hot compress.

Besides, it is possible not only to wipe the face of ice cubes, but also do massage , Making light circular movements the massage lines: from the cheekbones to the ears, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the middle of the chin to the ear lobes. This should be done gently, slipped an ice cube to the skin, not lingering long in one place.

And most importantly - do not forget neck and decollete . They need even more care than a person, and a touch of ice cube prolong their youth.

Incidentally, the magical properties of ice still enjoyed the Empress Catherine II.
And later recognized beauties such as Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe.

It explains the rejuvenating effect of ice and snow is quite simple. Cold surface in contact with the skin cools it, causing a rush of blood than stimulates metabolism. As a result, the skin becomes fresh and elastic, fine wrinkles are smoothed out and comes out the natural blush, like the young girls living in the lap of nature.

Do not use ice   those who have seen the face vascular mesh and pustules.

Snowing   It is useful not only for the physical health of the woman, but also mental. Walking through the winter forest or park shoot gloomy mood, heal from depression, give strength and vigor.

 Gifts Russian winter for female beauty

Similarly, useful hike to the rink.

Winter sun summer devoid of aggression, therefore, in central Russia, it does no harm to the end of February or beginning of March, but the charges ultraviolet light, thereby contributing to the development of vitamin D.

So, while winter has not said goodbye to us in a hurry to use her gifts.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva