This useful celery: for beauty
 In ancient Greece, this plant attributed magical properties. It was believed that with the help of celery can support the youth and beauty. It is because of him, and not from the laurel is believed to be wove wreaths that adorn the head of the winners. About the patient with no hope of man said that he did not have enough for the healing of a celery.

Hippocrates advised to use this plant in the treatment of various diseases.

What celery so good?
It is useful to all: roots, stems, leaves and seeds. In celery contain large amounts of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E, etc.), minerals (zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, etc.). It has a lot of dietary fiber, and absolutely no fat. Celery normalizes metabolism.

The juice of this plant makes the skin and hair more healthy and beautiful. It displays the body of harmful substances. Treats urinary system, is recommended for stones in the bladder. It eliminates constipation, normalizes appetite, improves skin tone, restores the nervous system. Good mix it with juice, parsley, apples and carrots. It is recommended to use no more than 100 ml per day.

When urticaria and allergic dermatitis celery juice is recommended to lubricate the patients skin.

Please note that celery broth is not recommended after six months of pregnancy!

Another Greek beauties often used this plant to care for your body and skin. Now there are many different masks, scrubs and tonic on the basis of celery. It is believed that it rejuvenates skin cells, slows down aging. As an essential oil of celery removes puffiness and redness. This plant helps to detoxify the kidneys, positively affecting the health of the eyes and skin. It contains a lot of water, thereby replenishing the loss of body fluids. Leather, saturated with moisture, elasticity and healthy. The liquid is needed for prevention of brittle nails.

I want to share with you the recipes simple and inexpensive masks on the basis of celery for skin care.

 This useful celery: for beauty
   - Mask for normal to dry skin
Celery rubbed on a coarse grater (you can use a blender), the right amount - 1 tbsp. spoon. The same flake rolled oats are ground in a coffee grinder. Stir, add 1 tsp. Heavy cream, 1 tsp. Oil (olive or vegetable) and 3-4 tablespoons. Spoon a little of warmed milk. Again, stir and put on the face of the abundant layer. Duration of procedure - 10-15 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm water.

- Mask for Combination Skin
We grind until the celery stalks 2 tbsp. spoonfuls of gruel. Fill it with 150 ml of any beer and simmer about 3-5 minutes. Wait until cool. Next, the resulting mixture was filter, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of low-fat sour cream and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Apply the resulting mask on your face. You can wash off after 15 minutes.

- Nourishing mask for dry skin
Rub the celery (you can use the root and the stem and leaves, only need to remove the peel) to the number 1 tbsp. spoon. Add 3 tbsp. tablespoons of warm milk and 1 tbsp. spoon fat cottage cheese. All of this fray spoon. Apply the resulting composition to the face, wash off after 15 minutes. If this recipe, add 1 tsp. Honey, the mask is perfect for aging skin.

- Mask-Scrub for aging skin
Dried celery root mix in equal proportions with coriander (cilantro), ginger and nutmeg. The resulting mixture was ground in a coffee grinder. Should a powder. To it add 1 tbsp. spoon of honey and 1 tsp. cinnamon. Thoroughly mix. The mask is applied to wet, clean face. To massage your fingertips, gently hammering scrub the skin. Then wash off.

- Mask for oily skin
We need dried herbs: celery, sorrel, dill, chamomile, parsley, sage and calendula. Every take 1 tsp. And fill all together 1 cup of boiling water. We shall cover with a lid and leave for at least an hour. The mixture was then drain, take 2 tbsp. spoon infusion mixed with 1 egg white and vzobem mixer. Lubricate the face of this mass. Once it is dry, another layer. You can wash off after 15 minutes. The remaining broth along with the soaked grass can be used as a body scrub.

- Refreshing and invigorating tonic for all skin types
1 bunch of celery finely cut, fill with cup of boiling water. Leave for three hours, tightly covered with a lid. Strain. The resulting extract can freshen your face morning and evening. Good freeze it into molds for ice.

Celery beneficial effect on the skin, not only in the masks, but also in recipes ready meals. Try to cook celery soup with beans, he is very good for tired and thinning of the skin.

 This useful celery: for beauty
 - Mushroom soup with beans and celery
We will need based on 4 servings: 25 g of dried mushrooms, 400g of any beans, 2 sprigs of celery, 1 branch of sage (or a little dry), 1 leek, 3 bay leaves and 200g bioyoghurt. Pre-soaked beans and mushrooms individually. Liquid merge into a saucepan, mushrooms will cut. We bring the infusion to a boil over low heat. We grind the onion, celery and sage and add to liquid. There also put the bay leaf. Boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Add the mushrooms and beans. Cook the soup should be 30-40 minutes. After mixed with bioyoghurt. Healthy and nutritious soup is ready!

 This useful celery: for beauty
 - Drink celery for breakfast
It contains nutrients, adequate standards for the whole day. Squeeze the juice and mix 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 pear, 1 kiwi and 1 celery stalk. Add ginger to taste.
Author: Natalia Romanova