Alessandro Dell'Acqua (woman) by Alessandro Dell'Acqua
 Alessandro Dell'Acqua - one of those wonderful aromas that lubricate the line between where the ends savor your own skin and begins perfume.

In native picturesque and stunning places in Italy - Naples, Alessandro Dell'Acqua have not had a single free minute since his took a job as a graphic designer in the Accademia de Belli Arti. When designing for several prestigious brands, including Iceberg and Mariella Burani, Dell'Acqua finally won the hearts of the Italian public, releasing its own line of prêt-a-porter in 1996, which was an instant success and made his name a household word. His first self-titled fragrance (Alessandro Dell'Acqua), was released in 2001, the advertising company which starred Helena Christensen, and the pictures were taken master of his craft Helmut Newton.

Distribution Policy flavor Alessandro Dell'Acqua was quite strange: find it in most shops and supermarkets was almost impossible .  I was just happy to get a long-awaited fragrance bottle from your reader with whom I often exchange ideas and samples .  When I opened the package, it was my first exposure to perfume, and, despite its simplicity, it immediately won my location .  Official notes are quite misleading: geranium, pelargonium, sweet peas and coriander on the top layer, peony, rose, hibiscus in the center .  Frankincense, sandalwood and musk at the base .  If you start from the official notes, one might get the impression that it is quite heavy, sweet floral scent, although it is close to the truth! Official description flavor argues that Alessandro Dell'Acqua "is worn like a second skin" - and that's not only close to the nature of the flavor, but also quite accurate description .  Alessandro Dell'Acqua, in fact, one of those wonderful aromas that lubricate the line between where the ends savor your own skin and begins perfume .  This daring musk fragrance thanks .  From beginning to end, this is quite a linear fragrance revolving around the beautiful musk fragrance embodies clean, warm, sweet skin .  Aroma soft and sexy at the same time, is worn so easily that you completely forget about any presence of perfume! I literally can not detach and stop to sniff her hand because it exudes something pure, attracting fragrance .  Each time I am more and more amazed at the ability of the fragrance to smell so "human", as realistic as female skin, without any hint of artificiality .  Apart from musk, Alessandro Dell'Acqua is characterized by sensual floral scent of sweet pea and light powdery chords, but what really gives a flavor of some perfection, is the use of persistent aldehydes .  Beautiful and mysterious, a little metallic and cool, aldehydes create a certain rise in the flavor, making the typically feminine musk and ... yes, chic .  This is a very individual flavor that instantly became my favorite in the family musk .  My rating - Excellent!
Author: Ann, New York