Aromatherapy. Bergamot
 The bright green leaves and small white, star-shaped flowers cover bergamot tree that can reach a height of 16 feet. Its fruit is somewhat reminiscent of a yellow pear, so they are called bergamot pear. Bergamot tree - the result of interbreeding lemon tree and an orange tree.

A member of the family Rutaceae - bergamot originates in tropical Asia. Farmers in most countries it is useless trying to grow it for commercial purposes, but it does not bring results. Currently, bergamot grows in Africa, Italy and Sicily.

The result of a simple pressure becomes light green oil, it has a lemon-orange flavor with a sweet balsamic undertone. Corky 1000 fruit bergamot give only thirty ounces of oil.

Bergamot in order beauty

Antiseptic bergamot allows you to use it to treat acne and skin infections. Its astringent properties allows the use of bergamot in cosmetic preparations for oily skin and hair. It allows you to refresh the scent of your body, and even the home office. Bergamot oil also repels insects and has a calming effect on the area of ​​the bite. Along with bergamot orange and rosemary served on the first cologne. Modern perfumers add it to fruit and flower bouquets.

Emotional Effects

Bergamot oil is refreshing and uplifting. Studies carried out in Italy, have shown that oil of bergamot reduces anxiety, which helps prevent depression and severe stress. This extract causes a feeling of happiness and comfort, and can restore confidence. During sadness or grief bergamot oil helps to heal emotional wounds and can inspire feelings.