Guide flavors
 You would think that the choice of perfume - it is difficult and impossible task? Do not despair! We offer some tips to help you cope with it.

Secret 1

Specialists perfumes can give you some impartial advice on what suits you smell, and it is better to choose. If your city does not have such large specialized stores or experienced consultants, whereas when you buy fragrance at least "arm" a man well-versed in this area.

Secret 2

You are not sure of the correct name? There is only rule, not to be mistaken - not much to try! Do not struggle with the pronunciation, pronouncing, for example, the new Givenchy's new Ange Ou Demon or Agent Provocateur's Maîtresse, just try to pronounce the name as you have understood it.

Secret 3

While deciding the main thing - not to hurry .  Aromas, experts say - like lovers - know for sure, there is an attraction between you or not, it can only be spending the night together .  Squirting you like the flavor on special paper strips that you will always find in specialized stores .  Moreover, they should not be sniffed at once: alcohol does not give you the opportunity to feel the real smell of perfume .  Instead, just walk out of the store, taking the test strips .  After a while, just to evaporate the alcohol and you feel the flavor .  First, the top notes will be felt, usually citrus fruits or herbs; Then, the notes - flowers, spices and dark fruits, and finally, the main note - wood, amber and vanilla .  If you like the smell, flavor drizzle skin .  Since the basic notes are shown about five hours (so it is not a sprinkling of scented water and perfume, as it lasts longer), the best place with the smell during the day, before committing to the purchase, and eventually to make a mistake .  If after 24 hours he'll still like it, then you have found exactly the flavor that sought . 

Secret 4

Some scents are stained clothing. A large number of perfumes contain artificial dyes, which are not only stained clothing if you accidentally missed, but may also mean that the fragrance is synthetic scents as preservatives are added to protect color. A good fragrance should only contain perfume, alcohol and water, if it - toilet water. However, it says some really good flavors use natural oils that may also be painted as colorants. The best way to make sure - check the list of ingredients before spraying. If perfume is colorless and will not stain clothes, and if it contains oil, it is first better to splash it on the handkerchief, put it in his pocket, and then look at the reaction of oil.

Secret 5

Decide on your style before buying perfume. Aromas are divided into three categories: flowers (Florals) - pleasant, fresh and easy to wear; Citrus (Chypres) - warm, dry, and often contain wood notes and spices; and eastern (Orientals) - soft, sensuous, sweet notes. A good salesman knows what flavor of what type of, will offer you a sniff each, and so you can decide which type suits you.

Secret 6

How and where you apply fragrance - as important as that in which you are dressed. If you like the flavor did not immediately apply some parts of the body, it is best to use toilet water. It added to plain water, so it will be easier and better to refresh than perfume. If you need to get the flavor lingered for a long time, use perfume. Apply it should be in the pulsating point, because the blood that circulates on the surface to be heated ingredients, allowing them to evaporate and exude a scent throughout the day.

Secret 7

Vials of perfume should be stored away from heat and light. Best of all they feel in the dark and cold. With this method of storage, they can live up to 20 years, but, ideally, you should enjoy your perfume for six months from the date of opening.
Author: Ann, New York