In the labyrinth of flavors
 A drop of perfume can work wonders, and can spoil everything. The correct choice of perfume - true art, a combination of experience and good taste.

Anything so does not show a woman's taste, both in the choice of perfumes, which gives the completeness and originality of the whole image. Perfumes, toilet waters, aromatic oils are the unique composition of odors, which, like the combination of sounds and colors have on human strong psychological impact.

Each has its own degree of perception of certain odors, and the propensity for certain aromatic direction. Someone loves bright, sensual, sultry and spicy aromas, others to taste sweet, cool and fresh, floral scents. Aromas are imprinted in the memory and can cause pleasant or unpleasant associations, soothe or irritate, set up a whole range of memoirs.

The natural smell of the body and hair can change the selected flavor, so perfumed products should be applied only in the washed skin . Body odor can not be hidden, even concentrated spirits, so in the first place is still to be hygiene.

The perception of aromas varies depending on the time of year.   The heat may strengthen the already sharp or spicy flavor. A dry winter air smell quite easy weaken, if not to support his co-agent for the body.

Perfume should be in harmony with clothes, furnishings and be the final note in the image composition.   When choosing a perfume special role played by the type and age of your appearance. A fragrance that is made for a woman, it is not sound to another. The ideal would be to pick up the perfume smell soap or shower gel, powder, cream. Disharmony smells - the same as the cacophony of sounds.

Tip!   I do not need too actively apply perfume in the morning for fear that erode the evening fragrance. It is better to carry a small bottle of your favorite perfume during the day and refreshing flavor.

Perfumed products

The overall composition is the same throughout the perfume. This alcohol, water and perfume composition, the only difference is in the proportions of the mixture.

Perfumes highest category - spirits (PARFUM) 20-30% fragrance and 90% ethyl alcohol. The structure of the most expensive perfume includes natural ingredients.

Perfume (EAU DE PARFUM, PARFUM DE TOILETTE, ESPRIT DE PARFUM) 15-20% perfume compound in 90% alcohol.

Eau de toilette (EAU DE TOILETTE) 6-12% of concentrate diluted in 85% alcohol.

Cologne (EAU DE COLOGNE) : 3-5% aromatic substances in 70-80% alcohol.

Refreshing water (L'EAU FRAICHE, EAU DE SPORT) 1-3% fragrance and 70-80% ethyl alcohol.

Interesting!   Testers are made by manufacturers of luxury perfumes to test the fragrance in the store before buying. The contents of the vial and the tester does not differ from the usual spirits, in addition to the package: the testers often do not have the box and lid.

Types of odors

In 1990, the last century, the French perfume Community approved seven major types of perfume:

1. Citrus   - Felt essential oil obtained by squeezing the fruit peel, such as lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, etc.

2. Flower   - The main theme of this group is a flower, for example, rose, jasmine, violet, etc.

3. Wood   - Aromas with warm shades, such as sandalwood and patchouli.

4. amber (so-called "oriental perfume")   - Soft, powdery, vanilla composition.

Expert opinion!   Fresh, sweet floral scents are pleasant and fit most women and girls, especially light-skinned blondes and brown-haired. Delicate floral aroma of perfume speaks of youth and romance. Aromas of exotic roots and mixes more suited mature women, redheads and brunettes, and for all special occasions. Aromas "unisex", known for their ease and unobtrusively well suited to any type.

Musical alphabet

The fragrance opens in 3 steps.

First step   - First impression - is called the top note. It lasts less than a minute.

Second phase   - Heart note - comes just after the top notes, when the skin is already reacts with perfume.

After another ten minutes, the final manifest, base note . Just waiting for the manifestation of all three notes can make an adequate impression of the aroma.

The shelf life of spirits

The average shelf life of spirits - 3 years in a closed bottle, and from 6 to 18 months from the start of use. Keep perfume should be in their original packaging, as far as possible from any source of heat and light.
Author: Inna Sedykh