KenzoAmour Le Parfum
 Oriental and romantic at the same time by Kenzo fragrances allow you to emphasize your femininity and originality.

I - a staunch fan of the original flavor KenzoAmour. I think that you too are one of two forms: either as adore him or think pretty boring. A friend of mine said (it can also be attributed to the category of the fans): "Amour - incredibly malleable and obedient aromat.On has no sudden unexpected notes, except for persistent chords and dark wood fragrance of incense. If considered in terms of cloying, it is an incredibly delicate perfume. The smell is very pleasant, and maybe even calming effect. "

It is this KenzoAmour and won me over. You like you participate in a tea ceremony, discarding the extra thought, immersed in an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Perhaps, KenzoAmour not your flavor, but I think that the majority of perfume fans have the same exhilarating perfume.

Upon learning of the imminent appearance of KenzoAmour Le Parfum, I literally can not wait. The department store Sephora he appeared a few weeks ago, but I gave up the idea of ​​direct order, as all my purchases made without prior testing, proved unsuccessful. Like perfume Fairy imposed on me a spell. We often think of something with unused and only bought, but, unfortunately, not coming up flavors. Therefore, we can say that I have become a regular guest of local shops. Only after I fought with a sense of desperation, I asked a friend to get a long-awaited new (to avoid the curse).

Pondering this article, I assume that I will talk about overlapping flavors, but instead received the perfume picture of two different chords flavors.

Among the notes of the original cherry blossom KenzoAmour stand, rice couple, white tea, plumeria, heliotrope, woody accords, incense, vanilla and musk. They sound quite on the high notes - sweet cherry start fragrant floral chords and heliotrope facilitates the rapid transition to a central part of the flavor, rice wood edges, followed by vanilla, soft musk and incense. This long-lasting fragrance, incredibly comfortable to use.

KenzoAmour Le Parfum, matt gold bottle of the same shape, created by modernist Karim Rashid, is a more rigorous version of the original .  Here is a brief summary of Sephora: "Gold is in the heart of East KenzoAmour le Parfum - woody oriental fragrance, composed of rich luxurious ingredients: Patchouli, benzoin balm of Siam, amber and incense, mixed with the original notes KenzoAmour" .  Sephora lists the following notes Le Parfum - this incense, rice steam, amber, patchouli, plumeria, benzoin, vanilla .  Ignoring the fact that Sephora says in a mixture of original sheet music, old sweet top notes of heliotrope clearly lacking .  In my opinion, Le Parfum bouquet heavier than the original version of the music .  I noticed quite minimal work on the scent - a little bit of pure patchouli, the almost complete absence of floral chord, the original pairs delectable rice, a large number of benzoin and vanilla on top of dark wood amber bases .  My favorite part of the perfume - this action benzoin .  Le Parfum almost masculine fragrance, in any case much heavier and more unisex, than the original .  The aroma feels nice "zhzhenost" like flan, rice pudding instead .
I think Le Parfum can be compared with Kenzo Flower Oriental in terms of its wood masculinity, but repeated breath Oriental shows me otherwise. Oriental floral with a much more advanced chords incense. I also discovered that KenzoAmour Le Parfum, and the original version is very similar to the base.

I put an article a week, pondering a question: if the original version does not touch you, whether Kenzo Amour Le Parfum to impress? Previously, I guess, yes - provided that you prefer benzoic flavors, rather than, say, amber. What I prefer? To be honest, I would say original. Le Parfum - good in its own way, is a sweet, milky-floral scent that does not cause me enough sense of comfort. For others, given the lack of me, maybe that will be the highlight of which will win them in the choice of the new fragrance.
Author: Ann, New York