15 effective ways to look older than their years,
 Nature - a cruel thing. Fashion no less cruel. One requires women of eternal youth, is another of the eternal youth us women are not provided. However, even with good genetics - for example, your grandmother and 80 years did not look older than 50 - you can look considerably older than his years, if we use simple and effective ways, which we now tell.

The first group of methods look older includes multiple harmful not only to health but also for the skin condition habits.

1. Not to sleep

Melanin is produced in the body during the night, along with other useful health and well-being activities, prevents premature aging. If you are going to sleep a little, but still on his stomach or side, you are guaranteed to provide themselves early wrinkles on the face. You can not even wash off makeup before going to bed, it will not give the skin renewed and restored, making it more sensitive and dry, prone to wrinkles.

2. Forget about humidification

Summer, skin and fat so why even smeared moisturizer? Then, under the influence of active to sunlight skin is dehydrated and become prone to wrinkles, of course!

3. Eating and drinking horrible

Sugar adversely affects the skin, it contributes to premature aging. And alcohol at all ages, according to scientists, not only the skin, but also the brain.

4. To take everything to heart

Stress promotes the production of the hormone cortisol in the body, which in turn destroys the cells of the skin. Meditate, communicate frequently with friends and be active and easy-going, then stress will not be able to cope with you!

 15 effective ways to look older than their years,

5. Smoking

Through the Ministry of Health all know that smoking is harmful to lungs, but it is no less harmful for the skin. Nicotine degrades collagen and elastin in cells, and is guaranteed to add your age.

6. Use makeup with chemical components

Parabens, preservatives, and the chemical components of many cosmetic series age the skin as the body functions operate free radical destroying cells.

7. Excessive use of scrubs

To avoid premature aging, it is necessary to use a scrub no more than twice a week for normal to oily skin, no more than once a week - for dry and sensitive. Excess exfoliants can cause irritation, and prolonged and deep skin irritation causes aging.

8. Forget about sun protection

You can not control the genes, but you can control their environment. Update sun shield often. UV light breaks down collagen, causing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles aggravate. You can fight with the results in the cabin, but it is easier to prevent their occurrence.

9. Roughly contact with skin

Do not stretch the skin without the need! Do not pull the upper eyelid strongly that apply eyeliner. Be gentle with your skin, wash and when removing makeup.

 15 effective ways to look older than their years,

10. Forget about the care of "non-obvious"

Age issue neck, arms and hair, but it is for them, we either forget or do not find time to look after.

Effectively carry out the task of adding our age banal mistakes makeup.

11. Too much concealer

Concealer is collected in folds of the skin and makes them more visible. So he lay on the skin for longer smooth, it can be mixed with a small amount of moisturizer. This will ensure an even coating and without wrinkles, and additional moisture and care.

12. Dark Lipstick

The easiest way to "grow old" in the 5-7 years - to put on lip shades of brown and burgundy. Visually, they are deprived of the lips and attractive size and volume and bulk inherent in youth. Little Bay is characterized by women aged. If you aspire to follow fashion, but do not want to look older - choose bright berry shades and be sure to add a drop of gloss. When choosing a lipstick is better to choose light and moisturizing texture.

13. An excess of nacre

Pearlescent highlights the shortcomings of the skin and fine wrinkles. It contrasts with age (glitter - delight the young) and therefore stresses it. Exit - matte texture shadows, blush and tonal foundations.

14. his eyebrows "strings"

You should not chase fashion the shape of eyebrows. The older we become - the worse and less often grow eyebrows, so that the "trendy shapes" look is not so great.

 15 effective ways to look older than their years,

15. The excess powder

If the skin is dry - no powder at all you can do. In an extreme case, it is necessary to fix the concealer or a quick mask shiny nose before you take pictures. A much more practical - cream blush and tonal structure of the substrate.

If you look older than their age is not your goal, avoid the above-mentioned ways to "grow old", and you'll look fresh and young in every situation.
Author: Elena Timofeeva