Fly Lady: catch everything and stay beautiful!
 All is now the biggest problem - the lack of time. The more there is of new technologies, phones, tablets, car, the more we become engaged, and so catastrophically do not have time for themselves. But one should always be beautiful, otherwise we can not be full members of society. People are always perceive us primarily through our appearance. In addition, what we look like, says a lot about us. But the question arises: how, with so many cares and troubles, to visit beauty salons? In fact, after the work is usually a woman waiting for a hungry husband, spoiled children and a lot of house cleaning. How to change your daily routine, to have time to make up and manicure?

Methods Fly Lady (Fly Lady)

Fly Lady system is becoming increasingly popular, because now a lot of female careerists. This technique helps to combine work and household.

American Marla Sitli   - By the method of the flying lady (Fly Lady). For more than ten years, many people use this system. Its principle is very simple - it is necessary to pay attention to detail!

So take a closer look.

1.   One should always be beautiful! Home dress code - this is the first step to appeal. Is my husband is like a woman with disheveled hair and a dirty apron, smelling of perfume is not, and frozen fish? Always clean clothes - not a problem.

And surely, somewhere dress lying on a shelf, which you have forgotten, but it is currently and dust, rather than to please the eye beloved husband. It is strictly forbidden to wear house slippers trampled, "dress up" in a bathrobe and full of holes any shapeless things. Even in the kitchen you have to be a princess!

2.   Watches - thing that needs to be reminded of that, and when you have to do. They are necessary for the proper organization of the daily routine and to combat laziness. For example: the rise at 7 am, charging at 7.30, breakfast at 8:00, etc.

3.   But you need to perform household chores meals do not have to clean the whole apartment to leave for the day. This can allocate a daily total of 15 minutes. For example: Monday - carpet cleaning, Tuesday - washing the floor, the environment - cleaning gas stove, Thursday - washing pots, etc. If you do everything step by step, you can not tired to maintain a constant order in the house.

4.   It is necessary to identify "hot spots" - this is what primarily needs cleaning, and the rest can wait a bit. For example, shelves in the hallway, kitchen sink, sofa and others. If you perform daily on one important point, that in this way you can quickly lead to a perfect view of the entire apartment.

5.   It is the old part with unnecessary things, because they only take up too much space and your precious time. The house should be a space for the acquisition of something new. Before going to the store for the next purchase, you need to get rid of old junk.

6.   Diary - Assistant around. Be sure to write down everything you plan to do. Analyze the evening, we were able to do, and do not have time. A schedule so as to meet it.

Adhering to the simple rules, you can easily make your life easier.

 Fly Lady: catch everything and stay beautiful!

Take time for yourself!

There is a minimum set of procedures to be performed by every self-respecting woman. They occupy just at all, no more than one hour.

1.   Depilation, care of hands, feet, face (using nutritious, moisturizing masks and creams), peeling, plucking eyebrows and modeling.

2.   Manicures and pedicures also improve mood mistress. Hands should be well-groomed. Regularly paying attention to the beauty of nails, you can feel like a real lady.

3.   There is nothing better than a fruit or berry bath for rejuvenation and relaxation. Before her clean the skin, take a shower to open the pores. Bath need to take any of mashed fresh strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas, kiwi or any other fruit or berries to your discretion. Dilute with milk or olive oil, then add the water. The procedure lasts 40 minutes at a temperature of + 36º C degrees. It is perfectly relieves stress and elevates mood. And yet, since it is not necessary to use lotions, creams or oils. After all fruits have a similar effect and, thus, no chemicals! But swimming is contraindicated allergies and at elevated temperature.

4.   Hair care. Even my grandmother said, "girlish beauty - a long spit." That is why it is so important to cherish their tresses. If you use different mousses, hairsprays, you have to wash your hair every day. If not, then wash your hair 1-2 times a week is the norm. Water should be warm, not hot and not cold, so as not to injure the scalp. The optimum temperature 35-45º C degrees.

5.   Do not be lazy, physical activity. Only 15 minutes of exercises will make you more agile and strong. With it you can remove fat in certain areas, to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. No one also does not hurt to prevention of degenerative disc disease. Pick an exercise for your body. You do know best what needs to be correct: posture or flexibility of the legs.

  If you allocate all well using the method Fly Lady, be sure to stay at least an hour a day for yourself. Hopefully, after reading all of these recommendations, you will find time for career and family, and for cleaning in the house, and most importantly - for the beauty!
Author: Svetlana Doskoch