Women are more delicate creatures than men, and, by their nature, are very vulnerable. It is no secret that the beautiful half of humanity has always had to endure a lot of pain and feel more unrest. Yes, suffering - it's part of our lives that can not be avoided. They are different: the loss of a loved one, illness of a child, violence and others. As a result, there is a mental anguish, pain, which is characterized by emotional discomfort. She seemed to be chewing on the inside of man, which can lead to serious illness.

  Why is there disease

Oppressed by something more open to people of any disease than cheerful. Actually, physically, it seems that he loses some tissue, organ. But, alas, the real reason lies in his soul. Loss of life, excitement entail disease. Any psychologist will tell you that if a person lacks something, it just feels inferior. Man as it loses the will to live. In the subconscious there is pain, which is manifested by some disease, but, in fact, suffering soul, and body later.

  It turns out that this condition can be very dangerous, drain the body. There is also the insidious disease, which in the beginning may not show themselves. And then to treat them is too late, if not impossible. It is important during the first manifestation of the disease symptoms to consult a doctor to avoid further negative consequences. Diagnosis - is always good, but working on healing the body, parallel to the need to go to a psychologist to find out what hinders on the road to recovery. It should try to get rid of the suffering that do not give peace of mind.

  Incorrect location may peace from early childhood, when the form and nature of the human psyche. A small child can not change the current situation around him, for example, will not surrender if his parents beat. By its nature, it is in need of love and not violence. Girls who do not feel the love of parents, as adults, are easily deceived male, they are easy to use, and then throw it away. As a result, the woman further hardened the heart, there is disappointment and heartache that can lead to stress, hair loss, wrinkles and others. Her mind programs itself: "All men are lying, I will not need me no one else love, everything is bad, I can not change anything. "


How to overcome the emotional pain?

  First of all, a man with a sick soul is suffering from insomnia, which primarily makes it even weaker. Of course, to improve sleep, you can use hypnotics: donormil, somnol, andante, bromisoval, Hypogeum, zolsana, ivadal, relakson, eunoktin. Their effect lasts for about 7 - 8 hours. Just such a period of time is considered normal healthy sleep.

  Such drugs easily lead to delirium, but they can also be harmful. The constant use of hypnotic effect on the body as a drug. It may be that without them people will never be able to fall asleep himself. Therefore, it is important to go through only one course of treatment hypnotics. Better yet, drop the drugs away and use a new simple technique.

Exercise for a restful sleep

  It should lie on your back, bend your elbows, squeeze the hand into a fist and count to six. After that, relax your hands. The same thing happened with his legs. Bend their knees, pull up and count to six. Again relax. So do three times.

  Immediately after this exercise, stress relief will be felt. It calms the nerves. It is advisable to do as long as insomnia naturally will not back down, giving way to sweet dreams.

Breathing technique

  Scientists have long found that an important factor in combating the disease is breathing. It is often heard: "Are you worried? Breathe deeply. " Breathing exercises can remove excitement that, in itself, require more oxygen, because the number of heartbeats is amplified when we feel nervous.

  So, it should be possible to relax, sit back (and can be lying). These exercises are recommended to do in the morning, immediately after waking up.

1. You close your eyes, mentally run through the whole body, feel the goose walking on the muscles. It is especially important to do it in person, because it is always an indicator of mental state of the person. A person should always look fresh and beautiful.

2. Quietly and take a deep breath and pronounce (preferably aloud): "I am calm, I am healthy, I have no worries."

3. Slowly exhale and say, "I am relaxed."

So it should be repeated several times a day.


  Then you can just lie down and try to breathe calmly and slowly while paying attention to how up and down the diaphragm and stomach. Mentally imagine that on the heart as it becomes calmer.

  And yet, all people have a very good reflex - yawning. In this way the blood is saturated with oxygen, getting rid of unnecessary carbon dioxide. Naturally we yawn when we feel tired. Muscles involved in this process, a high transfer of blood to the brain, thus preventing headache. An increasing body tone and vigor appears.

1. Close your eyes and open your mouth wide.

2. Push your lower jaw (which is the feeling that it just falls down).

3. yawn, and how to stretch your back.

  Performing the exercises properly and regularly, you can achieve good results and to heal their emotional pain. Inhalation and exhalation have a healing effect on the mind and on the body as a whole, because everything is interconnected in humans.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch