I fell in love…
 Love ... About her we hear from the school, the first feeling, passion - all this brings joy into our lives. Subsequently, we will always remember the first love, it remains the most moving memories. Alas, certainly, among the readers there are those who have had to give up on this feeling. My favorite person could only bring sadness and trouble. For the treatment of emotional wounds take a long time. But is love is only a requirement for another person to be perfect?

About love

The apostle Paul wrote: "Love - is slow to anger, soft; It does not envy, does not boast, is not proud, not rude, it does not seek its own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; It does not rejoice when someone creates iniquity, rejoices in the truth; He believes all things, hopes all things, endure all.
Love never fails! »(| Cor. 13, 4-8). Oh, because as beautifully written! Yes, true love is and must be: sincere, clean, well-wisher favorite (th) from the heart.

It was such real, feelings bring huge benefits to our body. Going through life with us, making it brighter and more beautiful. Unfortunately, you can count on your fingers the number of couples who rarely argue, do not get divorced and live together a long and happy life. So why such a terrible divorce statistics? Almost every third couple can not get along together. The answer is simple - they do not have real feelings - those who are forgiven. They do not like free of charge.

Over the years, we become smarter, gain experience, begin to realize their mistakes. The main thing is to have a new relationship with someone to do the previous missteps. For example, if the first guy she constantly scandals, and this led to a parting with him, in the future, it must learn to be calm, and next to a boy she did not run away from.

Love teaches us to think not only about themselves, but also to care for others, to give part of his time and himself to another person. If you look closely, the man is always looking for the woman who will comfort him in the house: cook delicious food, will keep order. Yes, a housewife, not every one of us wants to be, there are many who dream of a career. It's not too bad, but we must learn to combine all their affairs, that the husband did not suffer from lack of attention.

  Generally, such a perfect state of human love, he brings only benefits, peace of mind and tranquility, making it better.

 I fell in love…


For every woman, it is important not only to love but to be loved, cherished, so it tends to look attractive. Of course, the men immediately pay attention to the beautiful, slender, successful women. But what about those whom nature has not endowed beauty? It turns out that the feeling of love is produced by lifting the mood, there is euphoria, joy. Smile also adorns any person and even the ugly become beautiful.

Loving girl like to convey to others the happiness itself emits light, her body are positive, resulting in even prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Smiling makes us work hundreds of muscles. Moreover, a few hugs a day can soothe even the most embittered man. Even pets are able to faithfully and unselfishly love, spending plenty of time at the feet of his master. (By the way, we would not stop to learn from them how to love).

So, the man not only extends to a beautiful woman. He can choose a completely nondescript-looking girl, but she was beside him will be the princess. And it will be seen even with the naked eye. Why is this happening? Of course, because of love.

Himself a man creates a perfect image of his girlfriend, in his eyes it becomes better than the others, she believes him and begins to fit. If he says: "You are my sunshine, my ray." She wants subconsciously be it the sun and give others the joy radiating smile.

Love and beauty have always been linked, even wrote about this ancient Greek philosophers. That is, when a woman is loved, she is beautiful. But what about those whom nobody loves? Find love, but above all, we must learn to love. This gift is not given to everyone, and to develop it is not so easy as it seems, it takes effort and patience.

Unrequited love

Among women and girls are often such a situation arises, I love him, and I do not have it. Yes, those feelings often bring tears, sleepless nights, stress and depression. How do they bring the beauty? Rather, it will be redness and edemas under them. Alas, all that happens in our lives for the better.

 I fell in love…

  Depression and tears do not lead to the fact that the favorite pay attention to you. No, he just confirmed in his decision that he did not need such a crybaby. But you see, after a while, successful and beautiful woman, he may bitterly regret that did not pay attention to you.

  Remember, love always brings beauty, even if it is not mutual! After all, unrequited love - even the best reason to be beautiful, to achieve something in life.

  The feeling of love (if it is really true love) will add a lot of new forces to achieve the insurmountable peaks. And even if you are not destined to be a favorite, you can still become happy from what I enjoy. And make at least some attempt to make him love me. But, remember, love can not be. The man himself, without outside help, to understand that you are the one who need it.

  After all, love - that's the beauty of the heart. It is like a flower blooms, if nurtured. And finally, I will quote the words of Victor Hugo: "I once met a beggar on the street in love. He was old hat, coat rubbed elbows, his shoes have elapsed, and in the soul shining stars. "

Love, your health!
Author: Svetlana Doskoch